Sewanee Writers' Conference


Endowed by Tennessee Williams, the Sewanee Writers’ Conference gathers a distinguished faculty to provide instruction and criticism through workshops and craft lectures in poetry, fiction, and playwriting each July.  Most summers from 1996 through 2009, Linney taught playwriting at Sewanee where he was known for his provocative craft lectures and theatrical readings.  July 2012, Sewanee offered a day-long tribute to Linney, a rare honor accorded to only their most dear and distinguished teachers.

Romulus Linney provided the chapter "Challenges More Than Solutions" for the book, Sewanee Writers on Writing, published in 2000.

Below, Romulus Linney reads a craft lecture, Blundering About in Folklore and What was Found There, at Sewanee Writers' Conference in which he talks about writing his novel, Jesus Tales.