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This diary has entries for each day from November 1918 through March 1919. He writes his daily activities, his thoughts and opinions on specific events, and important records. This diary gives unique perspective into the life of an Appalachian Training School teacher, and a local of Boone, NC.

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This diary includes daily entries from August 1 through November 24, 1920. Greene wrote each day about the things he did that day, the weather, the church, and his work. He also included his visits with neighbors such as W.W. Campbell, R.A. Thomas, and John Greer. The school opened on August 24th. Some other community members mentioned throughout this diary include Rev. Mr. Cornish, Mr. B.S. Dugger, Conly Glenn, and D.E. Benfield.

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This diary contains daily entries by Andrew Jackson Greene on a range of subjects such as weather, church, school, community events, and travel. The diary contains entries from August 26 through November 13, 1921. Greene travels to a multitude of places throughout this diary some of these places include, Willowdale, Boone, Mabel, Zionville, Deep Gap, Cove Creek, and Elizabethton, Tennessee.

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This diary includes daily entries from November 14, 1921 through April 13, 1922. Each day Greene recorded his daily activities including his duties as a teacher, his work as a preacher, and his visits with friends. He also included information about the weather, different churches in the community, and community events.

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This diary was kept by Andrew Jackson Greene between the dates of February 19th and December 17th during the year of 1923. Greene made diary entries every day. He would record his daily accomplishments along with his worries, his hopes, and his inward thoughts. He also gave weather information and information about things that were happening within the community. He made note of all of the visits that he made with friends and family members, and all of the events he attended within the Appalachian Training School.

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This diary was kept by Andrew Jackson Greene from March 31st through July 12th in the year of 1924. In the daily entries, Greene includes information about what he has accomplished that day, his opinions about certain events of the day, and who he has visited with recently. He also gives insight into what is happening in the school, the church, and throughout the community.

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This is a long letter from Mary Ann Kirby to her sister-in-law Elizabeth Eller. In the letter, Mary Ann talks about the February weather and how she relies on labor sourced from the local African American community to perform duties around the farm. She also describes efforts she has made to earn and save some money for a Confederate monument. She mentions the book "Trumpet Blasts" by Thomas DeWitt Talmage. The letter ends with a talk on Mary Ann’s quilts and the price of goods

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This letter from Mary Eller to her mother talks about the dry summer weather, crops, gardening, and how the family is faring. Mary also mentions her half-brother A.P. Eller.

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This is a letter from Ada Kirby to her sister Elizabeth Eller. Ada talks about the family's health, the weather, and her hopes for getting visits from relatives.

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This letter from Alice Kirby to her aunt Ada discusses life on the Kansas farm that Alice’s father, Samuel Kirby, is renting. Alice says that they had a rough Christmas and that the weather is very bad. She talks about how Samuel Kirby intends to continue renting the farm they are on.

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This letter from Alice Kirby to her aunt Ada Kirby comes from the Kansas farm which Alice’s father, Samuel J. Kirby, rents. Alice complains about the weather and family problems, saying “I don’t think there is another family in the world that has to put up with what we do.” Alice also references family drama bringing them disgrace, and is critical of the integrated schools which her younger siblings attend.

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This is a letter from B.F. Dickson to his friend Mollie (Daniel). In this letter, Dickson mentions how there has been a drought in his part of Kansas, leaving them without rain for over a year. Dickson also writes about how he wants to marry, but he living in Kansas is so far removed from his friends and family in Ashe county, and he does not want to marry outside the community.

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This is a letter from Aswell Eller to his father, Luke. Aswell apologizes for not writing a letter to his father sooner, explaining that the weather saw temperatures that were thirty degrees below zero and the river froze so no mail could be sent. He finishes his letter by saying he fears ending life a beggar so he must remain a Christian.

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This is a letter from Emma Baker Martin to her aunt, Betty Kirby Eller. The letter is brief for Emma, and mentions that her daughter Virginia has a cold. The letter also makes references to enclosed photos of Emma’s husband and daughter, however, these photos are not included in the letter. Emma frequently asks her aunt for butter, and this letter explains her constant need. Emma runs a boarding house and they need a great deal of goods that Emma’s farm cannot produce, and they can’t afford them all the time in town do to cost.

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