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Camp Yonahlossee "Centennial Celebration: 1923-2023" Autographed Book
Photo Album of Molly Weeks, 1936-1937

This 40-page photo album contains numerous photos of Camp Yonahlossee activities, such as tennis, swimming, and horsemanship, from the years 1936 and 1937.
Jenny Lind album, 1851

1 score (7 pages, 5 unnumbered pages, 7, 10 pages, 8 pages, 6 pages, 6, 8, 7, 8 pages, 10 unnumbered leaves of plates) ; 35 cm.

Notes: Title from cover; For voice and piano; Engraver of music noted at bottom of page 7 [1st work] as Bügaslaski, Engvr;
Engraver of music noted at bottom [page 5] [2nd work], page 7 [3rd work], page 10 [4th work], page 8 [5th work], page 6 [6th work], page 8 [8th work], page 7 [9th work], page 8 [10th work] as Quidor, Engvr;
Five lithographic plates by Sarony & Co;
Two lithographic plates by E. Brown Jr;
One lithographic plate engraved and published by W.L. Ormsby;
Individually published by Firth, Pond & Co. and S.C. Jollie;
staff notation;
English words with German (2nd, 5th, 9th), Swedish (6th, 8th, 10th works), and Italian (10th work) texts
Ramon Diaz Solis, Ph.D.
Seong Hyong Lee, Ph.D.
William George Guthrie III, Ph.D.
Lenore Wiedman Dudley, M.L.S.
Elmer Russell White, Jr., ED.D.
William Truett Moss, Ph.D.
Betty Hodges McFarland, M.A.
Joyce Van Bussum Lawrence, ED.D.
Peyton Albert Hughes, Ph.D.
Ray Logan Graham, Ph.D.
George R. Wesley, Ph.D.
Omri Kenneth Webb, Jr., Ph.D.
John A. Pritchett Jr., M.A.
Charles E. Porterfield, Ph.D.
Nicholas Erneston, Ph.D.
Francis A. Montaldi, ED.D.
Basil G. Johnson, ED.D.
Oscar Dile Holton, Jr., Ph.D.
Alfred Maxey (A.M.) Denton, Jr., Ph.D.
John Foster West, M.A.
Erwing Winningham Wadsworth, Ph.D.
William Claudius Strickland, Th. D.
Elton George Powell, Ph.D.
Mayrelee Fallquist Newman, Ph.D.
Willard Fox, ED.D.
Robert William Watkins, M.A.
Rebecca McCotter Tomlinson, M.A.
Marshall Leroy Walters, M.A.
Catherine Jeanette Smith, M.A.ED.
Charles E. Palmer, Ph.D.
Terry Elmer Epperson, Jr., Ph.D
John Hibbs Brashear, M.A.
John Glenn Barden, Ph.D.
Joan Bryant Woodworth, Ph.D.
Larry Wilson Woodrow, ED.D.
Harold Edwin Wilson, Ph.D.
Richard Stanley Wilkinson, Jr., M.A.
Rogers Vance Whitener, M.A.
Joan Lynn White, ED.D.
Brenda Lee Wey, ED.D.
Linda Frances Welden, Ph.D.
Fred Webb, Jr., Ph.D.