William Claudius Strickland, Th. D.



Dr. Richard D. Howe, “William Claudius Strickland, Th. D.,” Appalachian State University Libraries Digital Collections, accessed May 24, 2024, https://omeka.library.appstate.edu/items/show/48163.

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William Claudius Strickland, Th. D.


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Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Religion William Claudius Strickland (October 6, 1917—) was born in Bowling Green, Florida, the elder son Halley Crosby Strickland (1893-1934) and Edmond Hopson Strickland (1893-1979). W.C. Strickland and his brother, H.C., Jr., were the only members of the family in eight generations not to be born in North Carolina. Strickland was graduated from Hardee County High School in 1935 and earned his A.B. degree from John B. Stetson University in Deland, Florida in 1942. In 1948,heearned his B D. degree and in 1954, the Th.D. degree, both from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky. Additionally, Dr. Strickland studied at the University of Florida, Gainesville. He had a post-doctoral sabbatical study at Princeton Theological Seminary, New Jersey in 1957-58 and another post-doctoral sabbatical study at the University of Zurich, Switzerland in 1964-65 under Professors Edward Schweizer and Siegfried Schulz. Chicago, Illinois and Washington, D.C. He spends a great deal of time thinking about playing golf-and has played on occasion. But most important of all, he has found time to enjoy his family-Flo, Gail, Morgan and grandson John, Janet and Kenny-and a lifetime of friends who cover the USA and many other parts of the world. - Dr. Richard D. Howe Strickland married the former Jean Lorraine Rogy (September 24,1921 in Peoria, Illinois —) on August 25, 1943 in West Palm Beach, Florida. Mrs. Strickland is the only child of Lial Henry Rogy and Ethellyn Shamo Rogy. The Stricklands have two chil- Sources: Appalachian State University files and personal correspondence. WILLIAM CLAUDIUS STRICKLAND, Th. D. Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Religion 183 dren, Claudia Jean Strickland (June 11,1955 in Raleigh, North Carolina -), who earned her A.B. degree in economics from Appalachian State University and Jeffrey Lial Strickland (November 27, 1958 in Raleigh, North Carolina -), who earned his degree in history from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Dr. Strickland began his career as both a teacher and pastor. In 1943-44, he taught eighth grade at P.K. Yonge Laboratory School of the College of Education at the University of Florida. He also served as an associate pastor of the Baptist Church in Gainesville during 1943-45. In 1945-51, he was the pastor of Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church in Frankfort, Kentucky. He began teaching at the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina in 1951 and continued until 1966 when he accepted an appointment at Appalachian State University. Dr. "Bill" Strickland was appointed professor and Chairman of the Department of Philosophy and Religion at Appalachian State University in 1966. He was appointed the first Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences in 1968. As dean, Strickland was the chief administrative and academic head of the college which consists of the following fourteen departments: Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry, Community Planning and Geography, English, Foreign Languages, Geology, History, Mathematical Sciences, Philosophy and Religion, Physics and Astronomy, Political Science/Criminal Justice, Psychology, and Sociology. In cooperation with the other colleges of the university, the College of Arts and Sciences strives to provide a liberal education for all Appalachian students; offer instruction appropriate for specialization in the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, and mathematics; prepare students for related professions; prepare students for entrance into professional schools; and prepare students for graduate study and research. Strickland is also the administrative head of the Center for Appalachian Studies and the Appalachian Cultural Center. During his years at Appalachian State University, Strickland served on numerous committees and councils and was professionally affiliated with the Society of Biblical Literature and the American Academy of Religion. Strickland is a Bible scholar and teacher. Some of his books and articles are as follows: Paul and Intellectuals, 1959 (Editor). Paul's Joy in Christ, 1959 (Editor). "An Analysis of Ephcsians 1:3:14," in The Outlook. "Sunday School Lessons Expositions," in Adult Teachers Quarterly, 1960. "The Gospel. Its Mystery and Magnitude," in Young Peoples' Teachers' Quarterly, 1962. "Sunday School Lessons Expositions," in Adult Teachers Quarterly, 1964. He also researched the works of Eugene Rosenstock-Hwessy, and the nature and character of the New Testament. Professor Strickland taught the following undergraduate, senior-graduate, and graduate courses: Biblical Studies (Old and New Testament), World Religions, and Greek. In 1983, Strickland announced his resignation from the deanship of the College of Arts and Sciences, effective June 30,1984, at which time he went back to the Department of Philosophy and Religion as a professor teaching full-time. He served as the founding dean of the college for sixteen years—a most notable achievement. Dr. Strickland's avocational interests include engaging in research and reading (he 184 has an extensive library of several thousand valuable books), raising dahlias, and keeping the landscape at home. Mrs. Strickland spends a great deal of time in volunteer services (American Red Cross and the Watuaga County Hospital), and the Mountaineer Garden Club. She enjoys reading, playing the Sources: Appalachian State University files and Both of the Stricklands share their love of animals with four dogs and three cats. They reside near Blowing Rock, North Carolina where their neighbors fondly refer to "their gardener" as "that dean from Appalachian." Sources: Appalachian State University files and long association.—Dr. Richard D. Howe

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