Appalachian State University Faculty Emeriti

The Appalachian Faculty Emeriti Collection showcases biographical information on the Faculty Emeriti of Appalachian State University. This comprehensive collection comprises seven issues of the Appalachian Faculty Emeriti publication, spanning from 1985 to 2009 and curated by Richard Davis (Rick) Howe, a retired faculty member from the Department of Leadership and Educational Studies. To enhance accessibility and streamline the search process, each individual's biography is presented on dedicated pages. Moreover, the compilation extends beyond the publication's timeframe and includes faculty members who have earned emeriti status since 2009, the last release of the Appalachian Faculty Emeriti Publication. Please note: (1) This collection will continually be updated with additional faculty bios and photographs; (2) Some bios were written decades ago and may reflect the social norms and biases of the time. Additionally, the names of some organizations or associations may reflect nomenclature that is outdated or offensive.

Ramon Diaz Solis, Ph.D.
Seong Hyong Lee, Ph.D.
William George Guthrie III, Ph.D.
Lenore Wiedman Dudley, M.L.S.
Elmer Russell White, Jr., ED.D.
William Truett Moss, Ph.D.
Betty Hodges McFarland, M.A.
Joyce Van Bussum Lawrence, ED.D.
Peyton Albert Hughes, Ph.D.
Ray Logan Graham, Ph.D.
George R. Wesley, Ph.D.
Omri Kenneth Webb, Jr., Ph.D.
John A. Pritchett Jr., M.A.
Charles E. Porterfield, Ph.D.
Nicholas Erneston, Ph.D.
Francis A. Montaldi, ED.D.
Basil G. Johnson, ED.D.
Oscar Dile Holton, Jr., Ph.D.
Alfred Maxey (A.M.) Denton, Jr., Ph.D.
John Foster West, M.A.
Erwing Winningham Wadsworth, Ph.D.
William Claudius Strickland, Th. D.
Elton George Powell, Ph.D.
Mayrelee Fallquist Newman, Ph.D.
Willard Fox, ED.D.
Robert William Watkins, M.A.
Rebecca McCotter Tomlinson, M.A.
Marshall Leroy Walters, M.A.
Catherine Jeanette Smith, M.A.ED.
Charles E. Palmer, Ph.D.
Terry Elmer Epperson, Jr., Ph.D
John Hibbs Brashear, M.A.
John Glenn Barden, Ph.D.
Joan Bryant Woodworth, Ph.D.
Larry Wilson Woodrow, ED.D.
Harold Edwin Wilson, Ph.D.
Richard Stanley Wilkinson, Jr., M.A.
Rogers Vance Whitener, M.A.
Joan Lynn White, ED.D.
Brenda Lee Wey, ED.D.
Linda Frances Welden, Ph.D.
Fred Webb, Jr., Ph.D.
Arthur Emerson Unsworth, Jr., ED.D.
Edward Thomas Turner, Ph.D.