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This is a long letter from Mary Ann Kirby to her sister-in-law Elizabeth Eller. In the letter, Mary Ann talks about the February weather and how she relies on labor sourced from the local African American community to perform duties around the farm. She also describes efforts she has made to earn and save some money for a Confederate monument. She mentions the book "Trumpet Blasts" by Thomas DeWitt Talmage. The letter ends with a talk on Mary Ann’s quilts and the price of goods

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This letter from Alice Kirby to her Aunt, Ada, talks about dresses for some family members and work around the farm.

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This is a letter from Emory Kirby to Mr. Pennington, and is a follow up to a discussion that took pace over a year earlier. Emory left that talk with high hopes, as he had bought land, but found his property sold off. Homeless, Emory was forced to rent room in a store and felt humiliated. He managed to buy a new property, and finishes out the letter describing his new land and thanking Pennington for his friendship.

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This is a letter from Emory Kirby to his sister Nan. Emory talks about how his recent bout of measles has prevented him from rejoining the cavalry he is a part of, and he details several positions and occurrences in his area during the Civil War.

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This is a letter from Emory Kirby to his father Joel Kirby. Emory tells his father about the Civil War news he has, and he mentions the home they are staying in.

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