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Information about Sylvia's mother, Rose Bein, and her death in 1960. Includes letter correspondence between Leo and friends and papers about the inheritance money.

Papers kept by the Asheville Lions Club that give an account of Leo in his old age.

A hand-written copy of an interview of Leo Finkelstein explaining the various places he went and people he met during his service in World War II.

A scrapbook of letter correspondence between Leo and his friends in Asheville and photos from the war. An article by David Schulman tells about Leo's status as an unofficial historian of Asheville and the incredible impact he had on the community.

This letter, from Alice Kirby to M. F. Kirby, is written from Kingsville, Kansas. She addresses M.F. Kirby as "Mr." and "Brother." Alice talks about family life, farming and the Fourth of July in Kansas. The towns mentioned include Maple Hill, St.…

This letter, from S. J. Kirby to his sister Ada, describes the the activities taking place on a prairie farm around the Fourth of July. The process of gathering hay and the price of corn are included.

This is a letter from W.R. King to his brother and some friends. King mentions how his family is doing very well and talks about camp meetings.

This letter is about the writer’s illness.

This is a letter written by Mary C. Baker. In the letter, Baker describes funeral arrangements for her mother and adjustments within her family life caused by her mother's death.