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Interview with Lieutenant Lyndon Bartlett [October 13, 2012]

First Lieutenant Lyndon Bartlett went into the Air Force because he wanted to be a pilot like his father who worked for US Airways. Due to a physical defect, he couldn't continue flying planes, but he went into BSHRED cyber warfare which he describes as very leadership oriented. He plans to make a career in the military.

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Interview with Patrick  McGarrell, Airman 2nd Class [October 12, 2012]

Patrick McGarrel, born in 1936, went to basic training twice: first for the Naval Reserve and second for the Air Force. After that he went to a language school which he said had "a 97, 98 percent washout rate" and flunked out. He ended up serving at an Air Base in Iceland for a year.

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Interview with Wallace & Nell Buchanan  [January 10, 1976]

Wallace Buchanan, born in 1892 and a resident of Minneapolis, North Carolina has been a teacher for most of his life. He talks about his early education at Berea College, his time in the air force, and his time at Appalachian Training School. It was located exactly where Appalachian State University stands today, only smaller and exclusively for training teachers. He had many jobs, namely as a history teacher at Riverside School.

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Letters of correspondence between Leo and the Lion's Club in which he describes his military training. He talks about his daily schedule, his comrades, his longing for home, and his new perspective on life. Patricia D. Beaver is editor.

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A scrapbook of letter correspondence between Leo Finkelstein and his friends in Asheville and photos from the war. An article by David Schulman tells about Leo's status as an unofficial historian of Asheville and the significant impact he had on the community.

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Leo Finkelstein's handwritten diary providing an account of when he served in World War II. He gives lively, humorous, and detailed descriptions of his feelings and the places and people he met. His diary includes a lot of poetry as well as prose.

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Dean Williams describes his service in the Air Force as a Russian linguist working in Turkey. He was drafted after he finished his undergraduate degree, studied Russian in Monterey, California for a year, and was then shipped overseas. He describes his work as "boring" but living in the small town of Karamursel was eye-opening and a very positive experience.

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Ken Shabhaz recounts his service in the Air Force as a base supply officer in Montgomery, Alabama. He served for a few years in the Vietnam War and then went back to school for Economics. He never was stationed outside the United States but was moved around to several different cities.

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Frank Guy was drafted during the Vietnam War and served 8 and a half months. He was in direct combat and had a couple of near-death experiences. He got out of his service surprisingly early, and he was relieved and had no desire to stay in the military or make a career out of it. Despite that, he values his time in the military and says he would not trade the experience for anything. He wishes the Vietnam veterans had been welcomed more warmly when the returned to the States.

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