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Interview with Jenny Horton [June 17, 1984]

Jenny Horton, a black woman living in Boone, talks about working as a cook most of her life. She worked in a hospital for a few years, but had to stop after she developed arthritis. She talks about the rationing of sugar, flour, meat, coffee, and other foods during the Depression and the different views on medicine people used to have. People were much more likely to use home remedies than go to the doctor. She also explains there was "a lot of tension between whites and blacks."

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Walter South was born in Watauga County, North Carolina in 1899 on a small farm.

Mr. South's interview is mostly about his childhood and his memories from when he was younger.He talks briefly about Tamarack's history and his grandfather being one of the first people to settle there. Some topics he mentions while talking about his childhood include church, politics, the Great Depression, and home remedies. He also recalls memories of the only minority family he can remember growing up.

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Dave Hodges had many different careers throughout his life including working at a lumber factory and serving as justice of peace in Boone.

Mr. Hodges talks about religion and what church was like as a child in the early 1900s. He also explains the community of Boone including the history and the differences in the years passed. Mr. Hodges explains the reaction of the community to new inventions like the car and the telephone. He also talks about local traditions such as home remedies, carving and wood cutting, and dating. To end the interview, he discusses his memories of the Great Depression and the effect it had on the community.

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