Katúah Journal, Issue 23, Spring 1989


“Katúah Journal, Issue 23, Spring 1989,” Appalachian State University Libraries Digital Collections, accessed June 18, 2024, https://omeka.library.appstate.edu/items/show/43015.

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Katúah Journal, Issue 23, Spring 1989


The twenty-third issue of the Katúah Journal focuses on varied topics such as the ancient ways of the first people groups in Appalachia; "Planet Art;" tulip poplar trees; the Black Swan Center; and environmentally-friendly economics. Authors and artists in this issue include: Kim Sandland, Denise Newbourne, David Morris, Doug Elliott, James Rhea, Jerry Trivette, C.B. Squire, Elizabeth Griffin, Gil Leebrick, Michael Hockaday, Sheli Lodge, Rob Messick, David Wheeler, Dolores LaChapelle, Martha Tree, Laura E. Jackson, and Jackie Taylor.

Katúah: Bioregional Journal of the Southern Appalachians, later simplified to Katúah Journal, was published from 1983 to 1993. A quarterly publication, it was focused on the bioregion of former Cherokee land in Appalachia. The early issues of the journal explain the meaning of the Cherokee name, Katúah, and why the editors wanted to view the world through a bioregional lens, rather than political boundaries. A volunteer production, the editors took a holistic view in tackling social, environmental, mental, spiritual, and emotional topics of the day, many of which are still relevant.

Table Of Contents

Pisgah Village: A Window into Ancient Ways by Kim Sandland.......1

Planet Art in Katúah by Denise Newbourne.......5

The Green City as Thriving City by David Morris.......8

Poplar Appeal by Doug Elliott.......10

Clear Sky: A Composite Portrait by James Rhea.......13

"A New Earth" by Jerry Trivette.......14

College as Community Resource by C. B. Squire.......16

Wild Lovely Days: Poems by Elizabeth Griffin | Photographs by Gil Leebrick.......18

Natural World News.......20

Reviews: Sacred Land  Sacred Sex  Rapture of the Deep.......23   Stopping the Coming Ice Age.......25

Drumming: Letters to Katúah.......26

"Sudden Tendrils" a poem by Michael Hockaday.......28

Events Calendar.......32


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Bioregionalism--Appalachian Region, Southern
Sustainable living--Appalachian Region, Southern
Cherokee Indians--History
Excavations (Archaeology)--North Carolina, Western
Mixed economy--Appalachian Region, Southern
Poplar--North Carolina, Western
Community development--North Carolina--Swannanoa River Valley
Human ecology in art
North Carolina, Western
Blue Ridge Mountains
Appalachian Region, Southern
North Carolina--Periodicals


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