Katúah Journal, Issue 26, Winter 1989-1990


“Katúah Journal, Issue 26, Winter 1989-1990,” Appalachian State University Libraries Digital Collections, accessed June 24, 2022, https://omeka.library.appstate.edu/items/show/43012.

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Katúah Journal, Issue 26, Winter 1989-1990


The twenty-sixth issue of the Katúah Journal focuses on children and parents: their roles in family and in the bioregion. Authors and artists in this issue include: Thomas Berry, Samala Hirst, Ellie Kincade, Linda Metzner, Lucinda Flodin, Martha Perkins, Jan Verhaeghe, Christina Morrison, Karen Watkins, Doug Woodward, Trish Severin, Susan Griesmaier, Aviva Jill Romm, Tom Youngblood-Petersen, Rob Messick, Will Ashe Bason, Jermain Mosely, Marnie Mikell, James Rhea, Martha Tree, and David Wheeler. This issue also features an interview with Bonnie Blue, puppeteer.

Table Of Contents

Coming of Age in the Ecozoic Era by Thomas Berry.......1

Kids Saving Rainforests by Samala Hirst.......4

Kids' Treecycling Company.......5

Conflict Resolution and the Family by Ellie Kincade.......6

Developing the Creative Spirit by Linda Metzner........8

The Balloon is a Unicorn by Artspirit Studio.......9

Birth Power by Lucinda Flodin and Martha Perkins.......10

Birth Bonding by Jan Verhaeghe.......11

The Magic of Puppertry: An Interview with Bonnie Blue by Christina Morrison and Karen Watkins.......12

Home Schooling by Doug Woodward and Trish Severin.......15

Ceremony: Traditional.......16

Mother Earth: The Natural Classroom by Susan Griesmaier.......18

Biodegradable Diapers by Aviva Jill Romm.......18


Gardening Tips for Children by Tom Youngblood-Petersen.......19

Natural World News.......20

"From the Diary of a Modern Child" by Rob Messick.......24

Pocket Cultures by Will Ashe Bason.......24


Forest Rescue: An Ecological Manifesto.......29


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Bioregionalism--Appalachian Region, Southern
Sustainable living--Appalachian Region, Southern
Conflict management
Natural childbirth
Child rearing--Appalachian Region, Southern
Home schooling
North Carolina, Western
Blue Ridge Mountains
Appalachian Region, Southern
North Carolina--Periodicals


This resource is part of the Katúah Journal Records, 1980-2013 collection. For a description of the entire collection, see Katúah Journal Records, 1980-2013 (AC. 870).


Katúah Journal, printed by The Waynesville Mountaineer Press




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