Jack Guy Folk Music Recordings: Reel 3, Side 2


Jack Guy Folk Music Recordings: Reel 3, Side 2


Mack Presnell, Jack Guy, Tab Ward, Willard Watson, E.J. Blackburn, Robert Edwards, Charles Moody, Russell Ward, Lonnie Ward, Mrs. Orie Payne [See also Auxiliary Tape K]

Side 2: 1. Introduction of Willard Watson (JG) 2. Pretty Saro (WW) 3. Conversation with Willard Watson 4. Fox Chase (WW) 5. Ramblin' Hobo (WW) 6. Introduction of E.J. Blackburn and Tab Ward 7. Sourwood Mountain (EJB, TW) 8. Conversation with E.J. Blackburn 9. Cumberland Gap [original version] (EJB, TW) 10. Conversation with E.J. Blackburn 11. Old Turkey Buzzard 12. Conversation with E.J. Blackburn 13. Liza Jane (EJB, TW) 14. Conversation with E.J. Blackburn about Tom Dooley 15. Tom Dooley [original version] (EJB, TW) 16. Pretty Polly [Old Version] (EJB, TW) 17. Sally Ann (EJB, TW) 18. Cacklin' Hen (EJB, TW) 19. There's More Pretty Girls Than One (EJB, TW) 20. Snow Deer (EJB, TW) 21. Conversation with E.J. Blackburn 22. Introduction of Robert Edwards, Charles Moody, Russell Ward. 23. She'll Be Comin' 'Round The Mountain (RE, CM, RW) 24. Buffalo Gals (RE, CM, RW) 25. Introduction of Lonnie Ward (JG) 26. Home Sweet Home (LW, RW) 27. Introduction 28. Tom Dooley 29. Conversation about the Appalachian Folk Night at the Horn In The West Theatre by "Dan'l Boone" of the Horn in The West Theatre cast 30. Cripple Creek (TW, JG with Limberjack toy) 31. Introduction of Jack Guy and Tab Ward 32. Tom Dula [original version] 33. Introduction of Mrs. Orie Payne and Tab Ward 34. Lonesome Road Blues (OP, TW)


1967 - 1972


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