Jack Guy Folk Music Recordings: Reel 3, Side 1


Jack Guy Folk Music Recordings: Reel 3, Side 1


Mack Presnell, Jack Guy, Tab Ward, Willard Watson, E.J. Blackburn, Robert Edwards, Charles Moody, Russell Ward, Lonnie Ward, Mrs. Orie Payne [See also Auxiliary Tape K]

Side 1: 1. Introduction of and Conversation with Mack Presnell 2. Poor Ellen Smith (MP) 3. Further Introduction of Mack Presnell 4. Groundhog (MP) 5. Shout Little Lulu/Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss (MP) 6.Conversation about Lie-Hew Yonce and fishing in the Watauga County area (JG, MP) 7. Shortnin' Bread (MP) 8. Leave This Country For The Sake Of One Poor Girl (MP) 9. John Hardy 10. New River Train (MP) 11. Conversation about the dulcimer (JG, MP) 12. When You And I Are Young Maggie (MP) 13. Introduction of Leonard Glenn, Edd Presnell, John Sipe- dulcimer makers of Beech Mountain. 14. The Ship That Never Returned (MP) 15. Introduction of Mack Presnell joined by Tab Ward 16. Old Joe Clark (MP, TW) 17. Johnson Boys (MP, TW) 18. Cindy (MP, TW) 19. Introduction (JG) 20. Bye-Bye My Little Bonnie, I'm Gone (MP, TW) 21. Goin' Up Cripple Creek (MP, TW) 22. Whiting's Railroad Train [fragment] (MP) 23. Conversation about the Whiting Lumber Company and the Whiting's Railroad Train (JG, MP, TW) 24. Cluck Old Hen (TW, MP) 25. Introduction (JG) 26. Sourwood Mountain (TW, MP)


1967 - 1972


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