Jack Guy Folk Music Recordings: Reel 4, Side 1


Jack Guy Folk Music Recordings: Reel 4, Side 1


Clint Howard, Clarence Howard, Fred Price, Kenneth Price, George Pegram, Ed Norwood, The Rhythm Rangers, John Parker, Miss Lakhsme, Dr. Vasantini, The Rose Brothers

Side 1: 1. Good-bye, Good-Luck, God Bless You (CH, CH, FP, KP) 2. Introduction 3. A Little Bit Tight Tonight, But I'll Be All Right Tomorrow (CH, CH, FP, KP) 4. Introduction 5. Little Pal (CH, CG, FP, KP) 6. Little Pal [same as track 5] 7. Introduction 8. Sunny Tennessee (CH, CH, FP, KP) 9. Introduction 10. The Maggie Walker Blues (CH, CH, FP, KP) 11. Introduction 12. Grey Eagle (CH, CH, FP, KP) 13. Introduction 14. John Henry (CH, CH, FP, KP) 15. Introduction 16. The Cuckoo Bird (CH, CH, FP, KP) 17. Introduction 18. The Cuckoo Bird [Old Version] (CH, CH, FP, KP) 19. Introduction 20. The Lee Highway Blues (CH, CH, FP, KP) 21. Nine Pound Hammer (CH, CH FP, KP) 22. Introduction of Ralph Rinzler; Conversation with Willard Watson 23. Roll On Buddy Roll On (CH, CH, FP, KP) 24. Introduction of Doc Watson and Merle Watson 25. Introduction 26. Same Old Man Livin' At The Mill (CH, CH, FP, KP) 27. Old Joe Clark [fragment]


1967 - 1972


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