Jack Guy Folk Music Recordings: Reel 4, Side 2


Jack Guy Folk Music Recordings: Reel 4, Side 2


Tape 4: Clint Howard, Clarence Howard, Fred Price, Kenneth Price, George Pegram, Ed Norwood, The Rhythm Rangers, John Parker, Miss Lakhsme, Dr. Vasantini, The Rose Brothers, Jack Hunter Smith, Bascom Lamar Lunsford, Arthur Palmer Hudson [tracks 10-33 were recorded at a folk festival in Chapel Hill hosted by Bascom Lamar Lunsford and Dr. Arthur Palmer Hudson]

Side 2: 1. Instrumental [Distorted] (Unknown) 2. Lonesome Road Blues (Unknown) 3. When The Saints Go Marching In (Unknown) 4. John Henry [break in recording] (Unknown) 5. Poor Ellen Smith [fragment] (Unknown) 6. Liza Jane [fragment] (Unknown) 7. Liza Jane (Unknown) 8. Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss/ Blue Eyed Gal (Unknown) 9. Cindy (Unknown) 10. Introduction (JHS) 11. The White Cockade [features bagpipes] (JHS) 12. Endearing Young Charms; Wearing of the Green (JHS) 13. Introduction of George Pegram (BLL) 14. Cumberland Gap (GP) 15. Hillbilly Fever (GP) 16. Chicken Reel (GP) 17. Introduction of Ed Norwood and The Rhythm Rangers (BLL) 18. Hail, Hail The Gang's All Here [Alabama Jubilee] (ENATRR) 19. At The Home In The North Country (JP) 20. Introduction of John Parker (BLL) 21. The Little Window Where Grandmother Dwells (JP) 22. Introduction of Dr. Hudson, Miss Lakhsme and Dr. Vasantini (BLL, APH) 23. Invocation of Success [Indian Folk Song] (ML) 24. Introduction 25. Indian Folk [Love] Song (ML) 26. Introduction (APH) 27. Flower Song [Indian folk song, sung by flower peddlers in the streets] (ML) 28. Introduction (APH) 29. Harvest Song [Indian thanksgiving song] (ML, DV) 30. Introduction of the Rose Brothers and George Pegram 31. Love and Wealth [breaks in recording] (RB, GP) 32. Orange Blossom Special (RB, GP) 33. Has Anybody Seen My Gal [fragment] (Unknown)


1967 - 1972


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