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This letter from Aswell Eller to his father, Luke Eller, asks Luke not to come look for land until a later date because of the increased prices. Aswell says that crops are also increasing in price. Aswell has asked his father to pay for the postage…

This is the second part of a letter written by R.A. Fan to Mary Eller. In this letter, R.A. talks about a friend of hers, Blanch, who is dating Earl Ashley, and R.A. disapproves of this relationship.

This letter from Mary Eller to Bettie discusses illness and heaven, as well as upcoming family visits. The letter begins with a statement on the place of a mother as being domestic.

This is an envelope addressed to Mary Eller.

In this letter from Mary Eller to her mother, Elizabeth. Mary discusses life on the farm, mentioning her fear of the dry weather affecting their grain. She also talks about church events and her hopes to have a visit from her mother soon.

This is the first part of a letter written by R.A. Fan to Mary Eller. R.A. Fan catches up with Miss Mary Eller and inquires about some of her friends.

This letter from Mary Eller to her mother talks about the dry summer weather, crops, gardening, and how the family is faring. Mary also brings up her half-brother A.P. Eller.

This letter from Elizabeth Eller to her sister Ada talks about the outbreak of scarlet fever in the area that Elizabeth lives. Elizabeth has three children, and so she is worried that they might get sick. Children of people she knows have died from…

This is a letter from Jennie King to Mary Eller. Jennie says she is going to be marrying soon and that Mary’s father has promised to buy her a dress.

This is a letter from Mary Eller to her cousin Mollie Daniel. In this letter, Mary explains that Mollie’s family is not dead, and that her parents and brother are very much alive, and then she says where they all are living and working. She also…

This is a letter from Mary Eller to her cousin, Jennie King. Mary asks how Jennie has been since they were last at camp meetings together, and then Mary demands that Jennie continue to live a religious life and that Jennie must make Joseph King, her…