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This letter from Aswell Eller to his father, Luke Eller, asks Luke not to come look for land until a later date because of the increased prices. Aswell says that crops are also increasing in price. Aswell has asked his father to pay for the postage…

This short letter to Luke Eller from a son tells of his stay with an uncle on account of bad weather. He also warns his father about the serious condition of the East Tennessee banks.

This note written by Edward King is a documentation of the debt of $ 4.46 that Luke Eller had to William Weaver on April 9th, 1859. The note was signed by Edward King and William Weaver.

This is the receipt for an exchange made between Luke Eller and John A.Ashley of one hundred and thirty dollars.

This letter from Susan Eller to Luke and Sarah Eller discusses farming and the impact of Reconstruction on Susan. Susan mentions the price of crops and that some vendors of farm animals are not selling in her area anymore because there is an…

This is a letter from Luke Eller to B. F. Dickson, transcribed by Joseph Lafayette Eller. Luke Eller tells Dickson that someone by the name of Hiram Brown has run away again and that he is offering a 500 dollar reward for bringing him back.

This is a letter from Sally King to her aunt and uncle Sarah and Luke Eller. Sally talks primarily about her strong religious belief and talks about her fears that several of her family members won’t go to Heaven because they aren’t as fervent…

This is a letter from Hansford Eller to Luke Eller. The letter is very faint, making it largely illegible.

This is a letter from Hansford Eller to his parents, Luke and Sarah Eller. Hansford says that he has heard from his brother Aswell, and that he is fine. There is also mention of an attack planned on a town once a gunboat comes to the area, however,…

This is a letter from Hansford Eller to Luke Eller, his father. Hansford is serving in the Confederate Army and has been away from home for some time, and is hoping to come back soon. His grandmother, he says, has grim outlooks on both the war and…

This is a letter from Hansford Eller to his father, Luke Eller. Hansford informs his father of the goings on in their area during the Civil War and tells him about his income.

This is a letter from Hansford Eller to his parents. Hansford informs them of his arrival at camp and what he did when he got there, which he says is nothing.

This is a letter from Aswell Eller to Luke Eller, his father. Aswell mentions Hansford’s swapping of his mare for another horse and details several letters he has received recently.

This is a letter from Hansford Eller to Luke Eller. In this letter, Hansford tells his parents what he got his brother Aswell for Christmas and when he plans to come home. He ends the letter with a song he has copied down.

This is a letter from W.L. King to Luke Eller, and family. W.L. says that Evaline, his mother, has died, but otherwise he has little news. The reason W.L. wrote this letter, he says, is that his last letter received a response that was dated on the…

This is a letter from Martha King to Luke Eller and M. Brooks. Martha writes the letter to tell her friends about where she is now living as she has moved away from the Ashe County area. She says she is glad not to be in the cold mountains and enjoys…

This is a letter from John Pennington to his cousin Luke Eller. Pennington writes the letter primarily to catch up with Luke as well as to inform him about his son getting married and moving back to live near him. Pennington ends his letter with a…

This is a receipt that indicates an exchange between Aswell and Luke Eller.

This is a slip for Luke Eller from David Latham asking for money for Jacob Eller’s estate.

This is a receipt indicating that Luke Eller paid the fee for management of Jacob Eller’s estate for the year.

This is a receipt indicating that John Ashley received twenty dollars from Luke Eller.

This is a letter from Aswell Eller to his father, Luke. Aswell apologizes for not writing a letter to his father sooner, explaining that the weather saw temperatures that were thirty degrees below zero and the river froze so no mail could be sent. He…

This is a receipt for 40 dollars from H. Haldwell indicating the amount of money paid by the estate of Jacob Eller for legal administration.

This is an IOU for ten dollars John Ashly promises to pay to Luke Eller.

This is a letter from William and Susan Eller to William’s brother and brother’s wife Luke and Sarah. William focuses on the subject of property. He says he hopes that his brother John will move near him and that he wishes Luke and Sarah could do the…

This is a letter from John Pennington to his cousin Luke Eller. John asks Luke for some of his seed and tells him that he has finished cutting his wheat crop. The letter ends with a complaint about the issue of trade in John’s area. John says that…

This is a brief financial account of affairs between Luke and Jacob Eller.

This is a summons for several people, including Luke Eller, to come to court in response to a plea made by Jacob Eller over a debt.

This is a letter from Jacob Eller to Mrs. Luke White. In this letter, Jacob specifies his financial intentions in regards to a large sum of money, and appoints Mrs. Luke White to execute his wishes in terms of the money.

This letter from D. L. Pickett to two of his friends, Wm Daniels and Luke Eller, discusses Pickett’s recent move across the American Midwest. He mentions the natural geography of the country he tours, discusses people he sees, and includes the prices…