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This letter from Ada Kirby to a relative talks about domestic affairs, such as hair and gardening.

This letter from Laura Kirby to her aunt, Ada, talks about land Ada wants to buy in Kansas. Laura also tells Ada that a horse has been killed, and that they do not know if the company responsible for the horse's death will pay for a new horse or not.…

This letter from V.A. Kirby to Elizabeth Kirby talks about her time in North Topeka, Kansas. She wrote that the crops were doing extremely well and that she wished they could come on a visit.

This is a letter from Mary Kirby, wife of Emory Kirby, to Frances Kirby, her mother-in-law. She talks about how her mother is sick and dying, and how several people in the family have measles. She tells Frances that she will visit once her mother has…

This letter from Elizabeth Eller to her sister, Frances Kirby (Young) discusses Lillian, who Elizabeth Eller appears to be raising, and Sunday School. Elizabeth mentions the horses and mules they have, and the foods they are eating for dinner,…

This letter from Alice Kirby to her Aunt, Ada, talks about dresses for some family members and work around the farm.

This letter from Alice to her aunt, Ada Kirby, talks about the goings on in and around the Kansas farm on which Samuel Kirby and his wife are currently living.

This letter from Lillie to her aunt, Ada, asks for her aunt to come and visit her soon and to send some "good pieces" of poetry for Lillie to recite on the last day of school.

This letter from E. Roberts, one of Frances Roberts-Kirby's nieces, talks about the recent passing of E.'s mother, Frances sister-in-law.

This is part of a letter Laura Kirby wrote to an unknown person. In this portion of the letter, Laura discusses the crops and farm she lives on. Laura is likely writing this letter from the Kansas farm on which her father, Samuel J. Kirby, moved to.