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This letter written to Fannie Kirby’s aunt includes a part of a letter to her sister.The portion of the letter written to her aunt Ida deals with Fannie's desire to leave her current location with Bob.

This is a letter from Fannie Kirby to her sister Ada. In the letter, Fannie mentions that she most likely cannot travel to see her sister Bettie, though she hopes some of her relatives will come to visit her. She also mentions that Eddie, another…

This is a note from Fannie Kirby to her mother. In the note, Fannie says that Bruce will be visiting Fannie's mother that day. Fannie asks for some seeds and beans and says she is doing well, though she is ill.

This letter was written to Miss Fannie Kirby by a cousin, Amy, who is in school. She wrote to tell Fannie all about school, the sickness they’ve had and about their new house.

This letter from Fannie Kirby to her aunt Elizabeth talks about Christmas and events in her and her friends’ and family’s lives.

This letter from Alice Kirby to her Aunt, Ada, talks about dresses for some family members and work around the farm.

This letter from Alice Kirby to Ada Kirby, her aunt, talks about the farm they live on in Kansas, and the process of plowing. Alice mentions that she is sad to hear that some of her aunt Fannie's children have died.

This is a letter from Ada Kirby to her sister Elizabeth Eller. Ada talks about the family's health, the weather, and her hopes for getting visits from relatives.

This is a letter from F. Kirby, one of Samuel J. Kirby’s children, to an aunt or uncle. The letter begins with mention of a robbery that occurred in a nearby county in Missouri, a robbery that likely was committed by the Jesse James gang. In the…

This is a letter from Fannie Kirby to her cousin Bettie Kirby. The letter, which is largely illegible, discusses Bettie’s going to school and romance.

This is a letter from Anabella Baker to Fannie Kirby. She uses metaphors built from nature to describe her friendship. The letter ends with Anabella saying she has met a man she finds attractive.