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This note written by Edward King is a documentation of the debt of $ 4.46 that Luke Eller had to William Weaver on April 9th, 1859. The note was signed by Edward King and William Weaver.

This is a letter written by Elizabeth “Bettie” Kirby to a friend letting them know that she is doing well and asking the friend to visit and write soon. This letter also informs the friend about an illness that is about.

This is a letter to Elizabeth "Bettie" Eller from her cousin M. (Martha) Hamilton. This letter informs Bettie about the family’s well-being and where they are living. Hamilton inquires how Bettie’s family is doing and what many of his relatives…

This is a letter from Barbara Francis "Fannie" Young (nee Kirby) to her sister Elizabeth "Bettie" Eller. Barbara's daughter Lillian also writes a brief note at the top of the first page. Fannie discusses the plans for Lillian's visit to Bettie.

This is an envelope addressed to Nannie Eller.

This is an envelope addressed to Mary Eller.

This is an envelope addressed to Elizabeth "Bettie" Eller.

This postcard postmarked from Blacksburg, Va. to Mrs. J.L. Eller in Clifton, N.C., features a note and photograph of the high school building in Blacksburg, VA.

In this letter from Mary Eller to her mother, Elizabeth. Mary discusses life on the farm, mentioning her fear of the dry weather affecting their grain. She also talks about church events and her hopes to have a visit from her mother soon.

• This is a letter detailing to a cousin, Joesph Eller, that the family has just received news about a death within their family. They wish they could be with the other members of the family, but the family isn’t well enough to make the trip, and…