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In this letter to Bettie, Barbara talks about various aspects of domestic life. There is mention of some illness, cloth Bettie has been expecting, fruit growing and other crops, and children.

This letter talks about work done on Ada’s house, domestic life, and the lives of close family friends. There is mention of raising horses, marriages, and rules for growing tomatoes.

This is a letter to Elizabeth "Bettie" Eller from her sister Ada. Ada says that their father is ill and mentions she has not heard from her sister Fannie in some time.

This letter from one of Elizabeth Eller’s cousins asks Elizabeth to come down and visit them in Rural Retreat. The letter asks Elizabeth not to show it to anyone.

This letter from Elizabeth Eller talks about a possible trip Elizabeth may make to take some company she has had back home.

This letter from Mary Eller to Bettie discusses illness and heaven, as well as upcoming family visits. The letter begins with a statement on the place of a mother as being domestic.

This is a letter to Elizabeth "Bettie" Kirby from a cousin. The author writes near the start of the letter that they do not want Bettie to share the letter with anyone else. The letter tells of the author's daily life and mishaps, such as dropping a…

This is a letter written by Elizabeth “Bettie” Kirby to a friend letting them know that she is doing well and asking the friend to visit and write soon. This letter also informs the friend about an illness that is about.

This is a letter to Elizabeth "Bettie" Eller from her cousin M. (Martha) Hamilton. This letter informs Bettie about the family’s well-being and where they are living. Hamilton inquires how Bettie’s family is doing and what many of his relatives…