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Ralph Fickel's Mountain Notes, Book 3

Ralph Fickel's journal while hiking and rock climbing along the Appalachian Trail in the Smoky Mountains.

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Sam Jones was born in Deep Gap, North Carolina around the early 1900s on a farm where he grew up. He worked at a sawmill.

Mr. Jones starts the interview talking about growing up on a farm. At this point his wife joins the interview, and they begin talking about berry-picking and produce. Mr. Jones also talks about working at the sawmill and the importance of the railroads in transportation. They both talk about their experiences with the Great Depression including topics of picking herbs, working, and church. Mr. and Mrs. Jones discuss the lack of doctors in the past and different home remedies they used. To end the conversation, the two recall the first time they saw a car and airplane.

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Interview with Ruby Trivette, February 17, 1973

Ms. Trivette's interview consists of many memories from her childhood including growing up on a farm, what the town of Todd was like, and her experiences in the schoolhouse setting. She then goes further talking about her memories of her education leading up to her teaching career. Although she mentions little on World War II, she talks more in detail about the Great Depression and what its effects were like on the neighborhood. Ms. Trivette also recollects her personal experience with the flood of 1940. She explains what local church was like when she was younger compared to her current experiences with church. Ms. Trivette also speaks of the folktales her grandmother believed in. By the end of the interview, Ms.Trivette discusses politics from her childhood to the present including elections and presidents. While speaking of politics, she mentions past laws and offers her opinion on women's equality.

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This diary contains daily entries by Andrew Jackson Greene on a range of subjects such as weather, church, school, community events, and travel. The diary contains entries from August 26 through November 13, 1921. Greene travels to a multitude of places throughout this diary some of these places include, Willowdale, Boone, Mabel, Zionville, Deep Gap, Cove Creek, and Elizabethton, Tennessee.

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Viola N. Greer was born on March 27, 1906 in Crandall, Tennessee, moving to Watauga County after she married Walter Greer and had two children Walter and Annie Lee. Her parents were Arthur and Martha Nichols Smith who were from Wilkes County, but had met in Tennessee. Her father bought timber for sawmills. As an adult she lived one year in Montana, then Ashe and Lenoir counties before returning to the Deep Gap area of Watauga County, where her children were reared. She died on November 2, 2003 at the age of 97.

During the interview Mrs. Greer talked about her parents, the importance of religion, quilting, making soap, superstitions such as walking under ladders, and planting by the signs.

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