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Robert Proffit talks about Meat Camp's early history from the first settler John Green in 1788. Over the next few decades, people began to trickle in to Western North Carolina. He talks about the first churches in the area: Hopewell Methodist Church…

Mr. and Mrs. Townsend talk about the Depression and how it affected their families. He explains: "It was just everything, you know, seemed different and a shortage of everything." Farmers were the ones who fared the best, because they didn't have to…

Ms. Trivette's interview consists of many memories from her childhood including growing up on a farm, what the town of Todd was like, and her experiences in the schoolhouse setting. She then goes further talking about her memories of her education…

This is an envelope addressed to Elizabeth Eller.

This letter from Fannie Kirby to her aunt Elizabeth talks about Christmas and events in her and her friends’ and family’s lives.

This letter from Aswell "A.P" Eller to his brother discusses a trip Aswell plans to make to visit his brother. The letter also mentions the grippe.

This is an envelope addressed to Elizabeth “Bettie” Eller, dated 26 September 1889

This is an envelope from Robert Lee Kirby addressed to Frances “Nan” Kirby, and dated 10 June 1887.

This is an envelope addressed to Millard Kirby and dated 26 July 1887.