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This letter, from Alice Kirby to M. F. Kirby, is written from Kingsville, Kansas. She addresses M.F. Kirby as "Mr." and "Brother." Alice talks about family life, farming and the Fourth of July in Kansas. The towns mentioned include Maple Hill, St. Marys and Rossville. Alice shares that Laura [Kirby] is staying in Rossville now.

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This note from Alice is to inform her cousin Bettie that Alice would like for Bettie and her sisters to come have a meal with her on Friday at 3 o’ clock.

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This letter from Alice Kirby to her Aunt, Ada, talks about dresses for some family members and work around the farm.

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This letter from Alice to her aunt, Ada, talks about the poor corn harvest that they are expecting. Alice says the weather has been very dry, and she is concerned about the winter freezes. She also talks about Guy, who was helping move some hay with her father when a pitchfork fell on him and ended up going through his arm all the way to the handle.

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This letter from Alice Kirby to Ada Kirby, her aunt, talks about the farm they live on in Kansas, and the process of plowing. Alice mentions that she is sad to hear that some of her aunt Fannie's children have died.

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This letter from Alice Kirby to her aunt, Ada Kirby, discusses the farming life that Alice leads in Kansas, where her father, Samuel Kirby, moved the family to. Alice says she is late in responding to the letter from her aunt because they had moved to a new farm where they are tending to 135 acres of corn. Alice says she wishes that their new house was closer to neighbors as they all feel lonely.

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This is a letter from Alice Kirby to her aunt Ada. In the letter, Alice talks about how her father and brothers have been very busy making hay, and are so driven by their work that they camp out in the fields where they are baling. Alice says that she feels like her father is working too hard for his age, and hopes that her uncle John Mallory (her mother’s brother) will come and help them with cultivating.

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This is a letter from Laura Kirby to her aunt Ada Kirby. The letter discusses how Laura no longer plans on attending school and how the weather has been some of the coldest they have ever had in Kansas. Laura talks about a fair they attended and says that her uncle John Mallory wrote them a letter for the first time in seven years.

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This letter from Alice Kirby to her aunt Ada discusses life on the Kansas farm that Alice’s father, Samuel Kirby, is renting. Alice says that they had a rough Christmas and that the weather is very bad. She talks about how Samuel Kirby intends to continue renting the farm they are on.

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This letter from Alice Kirby to her aunt Ada Kirby comes from the Kansas farm which Alice’s father, Samuel J. Kirby, rents. Alice complains about the weather and family problems, saying “I don’t think there is another family in the world that has to put up with what we do.” Alice also references family drama bringing them disgrace, and is critical of the integrated schools which her younger siblings attend.

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This letter from Alice Kirby to her aunt Ada Kirby talks about life on the Kansas farm where Alice and her family live. Alice talks about going to school, fairs, and other sources of entertainment, but her letter is focused on the price of various goods. She goes in detail about how much money was made from everything they raised on their farm, and what the going price is for various crops.

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These are two letters written to Ada Kirby from her nieces, Laura and Alice Kirby, who live in Kansas. Alice writes about the weather and friends she wants to visit with, while Laura talks about life at home and how she enjoys having company.

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These letters from Laura Kirby and Alice Kirby to their Aunt Ada Kirby discuss life on the farm in Kansas that their father, Samuel J. Kirby rents. Laura talks about going to school, while Alice discusses various domestic events and the price of crops.

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