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This letter, from S. J. Kirby to his sister Ada, describes the the activities taking place on a prairie farm around the Fourth of July. The process of gathering hay and the price of corn are included.

This letter talks about work done on Ada’s house, domestic life, and the lives of close family friends. There is mention of raising horses, marriages, and rules for growing tomatoes.

This letter from Robert Kirby to Ada Kirby talks about how he is recovering from illness and a leg condition, and will be returning to school. There is also mention of photographs Robert will have taken to send to his aunt.

This is a letter from Fannie Kirby to her sister Ada. In the letter, Fannie mentions that she most likely cannot travel to see her sister Bettie, though she hopes some of her relatives will come to visit her. She also mentions that Eddie, another…

This is a letter to Elizabeth "Bettie" Eller from her sister Ada. Ada says that their father is ill and mentions she has not heard from her sister Fannie in some time.

This letter to Ada Kirby from one of her nieces is about going to school, penmanship, and apples. The letter talks about Pa and various other members of the writers family.

This note from a doctor to Ada Kirby describes how she should be taking the medicine she was prescribed.

This letter from Ruth to her grandmother, Ada Kirby, discusses how the weather is improving and Ruth hopes to travel soon if the muddy road allows.

This letter from Ada Kirby to a relative talks about domestic affairs, such as hair and gardening.