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Anecdotes about Leo Finkelstein's life growing up in Asheville during the first half of the 20th century as well as his reminiscence of the Lion's Club.

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A hand-written copy of an interview of Leo Finkelstein explaining the various places he went and people he met during his service in World War II.

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A record of Leo's correspondence with the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, and the monthly Social Security check he received from the government.

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The document of Leo Finkelstein's Honorable Discharge from the US Army in 1945. The reason for separation is stated as: "convenience of the government."

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Leo's last will and testament, explaining the distribution of his estate, personal property, and money, most of which he left to his son Leo Finkelstein, Jr, and his wife.

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The birth certificates of Leo Finkelstein and Sylvia Eva Bein, and their marriage certificate. Also includes a letter Leo wrote to Carola imploring her to not send her mother to Asheville as the Finkelstein family already had too much financial pressure.

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Leo and Sylvia Finkelstein's declaration for a natural death instead of life extending by extraordinary means.

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This items contains photographs, pages from The Southern Israelite, and newspaper clippings about the history of the Jewish congregation Beth Ha-Tephila, and its anniversaries, including its Centennial Anniversary in 1991, as well as a family tree from 1790. The item also contains photographs and newspaper clippings, incluing the 1939 Asheville Citizen-Times article, "Pawnshops Here Could Furnish Good Museum" and a 1923 article "End of the Freight Thieves Gang" from The World Magazine.

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Various photographs, telegrams, and newspaper clippings, including many about the Asheville Lions Club and its success as a civic club.

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This item contains photographs, primarily from the 1980s, of Leo Finkelstein's life and family. Also included are event programs, clippings, and letters as well as Harry Finkelstein's membership card for the Traveler Protective Association, St. Louis, Missouri, and telegrams and obituaries regarding the death of Harry Finkelstein.

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This scrapbook contains numerous photographs, greeting cards, event programs, newspaper clippings, membership cards, and other ephemera. It also documents Leo Finkelstein's involvement in the Asheville community, especially as a member and exalted ruler of the Elk's Lodge. He was also part of the Jewish organization B'nai B'rith and a dedicated member of the Beth Ha-Tephila congregation.

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A scrapbook of letter correspondence between Leo Finkelstein and his friends in Asheville and photos from the war. An article by David Schulman tells about Leo's status as an unofficial historian of Asheville and the significant impact he had on the community.

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A collection of photographs from the Asheville area, many taken in the 1920s and 1960s, as well as numerous letters, flyers, travel ephemera, membership cards, obituaries, and newspaper clippings. Also includes Leo's short story "I am a Dime" which gives a unique and detailed account of Asheville history from the perspective of a dime.

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Leo Finkelstein's handwritten diary providing an account of when he served in World War II. He gives lively, humorous, and detailed descriptions of his feelings and the places and people he met. His diary includes a lot of poetry as well as prose.

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Leo Finkelstein displays his incredible talent as a storyteller and historian through the letters and diaries that he wrote throughout his life. This notebook contains stories about World War II, Thomas Wolfe, pawnbroking, the Great Depression, and Asheville, North Carolina in the twentieth century.

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