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Stanley Harris Sr. was born on October 31, 1882 in Johnson County, Tennessee. He went to high school in Montezuma, North Carolina and then continued his education in Athens, Tennessee at U.S. Grant University. He wene to post graduate school at American University in Harriman, Tennessee. Mr. Harris had many different occupations throughout his life including salesman at a furniture store in Lexington, Kentucky, assistant secretary of YMCA in Frankford, Tenessee, and boardman on the National Council of Boy Scouts of America in 1917. He moved back to Watauga County in 1948, where he was part of the Watauga Centennial and secretary of Chamber of Commerce. He was a big influence on bringing industries to Boone, North Carolina.

Mr. Harris talks about the effects the Great Depression had on him while at that time he was emplyed by one of Rockafeller's orgnizations. He does explains how the banks were affected and what he believes caused the Great Depression based on his experience with the stock market. When asked about his childhood, Mr. Harris recollects his experience working, explains his family education, and describes the religious community. He then talks about Boone and describes how the minority groups of Boone are treated.

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This diary was kept by Andrew Jackson Greene from January 5 through March 3, 1932. The weather is his typical first topic to write about it. He wrote about the winter snow and harsh winds frequently. He also included information about the Appalachian State Normal School and the community in addition to the typical record of his daily activities.

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