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This diary was kept by Andrew Jackson Greene from October 15, 1932 through February 10, 1933. He wrote about the schoolwork he was doing, how his students were performing, their willingness to learn, the papers he needed to grade, even what happened at faculty meetings and who was in attendance. He also included information about the local churches such as Boone Baptist, Willowdale Baptist Church and Cove Creek Church. This regular information was also accompanied by records of visits with family and friends, holiday events, and weather information.

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Representative Broyhill and Louise Broyhill, arms raised in victory

This is a letter from Emma Baker Martin to her aunt Betty Kirby Eller. Emma writes this letter while sick with the mumps. She is attending a girls college, and discusses her lessons and reading. She says she is no longer homesick, but likes being alone sometimes. The letter references the recent election of many Democrats, which was praised by Emma and the town she is in, and how she is possibly going to be travelling for Christmas.

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