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Promoting Student Investigation of Local Environmental Issues through the Southern Highlands Environmental Project: Project Report

Originally published in 1993, this report is a compilation of a survey evaluating issues with the local environment in the Southern Highlands. The report is based on a five-day teacher institute and a 1988-89 school year assessment. Teachers assisted their students in investigating environmental issues in their home communities, and helped the students share their research results through science fair projects, PTO meetings, or articles in local newspapers. Teachers submitted project reports when the environmental unit was completed, and evaluations of the teachers took place during a two-hour phone call. The report published by Bousquet includes the project description and initiative, needs assessment, teacher institute, classroom implementation, outcomes, and dissemination.  

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This diary includes entries from December 9, 1919 through February 4, 1920. In each entry, he included information about what was happening in the church and in the community. He wrote about his daily work at Appalachian Training School and his students. Many entries include comments about the weather for that day. Familiar places named in this diary include Beaver Dam, Cove Creek, Mabel, and Boone.

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