Michael Douglas Smith, Ph.D.


Dr. Kay R. Dickson, “Michael Douglas Smith, Ph.D.,” Appalachian State University Libraries Digital Collections, accessed April 24, 2024, https://omeka.library.appstate.edu/items/show/48118.

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Michael Douglas Smith, Ph.D.


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Professor Emeritus of Language, Reading and Exceptionalities Michael D. Smith (June 13, 1947 - ) earned his B.A. from the University of Louisiana, Lafayette, in 1967 with his major being in English. In 1969 he received his M.A. degree in Linguistics from Texas Tech University in Lubbock. He earned his M.Ph. degree (1973) and his Ph.D. degree (1974) in Linguistics from the University of Kansas, Lawrence. Smith's professional career includes the following positions: • 1966-1967 - Instructor, History & English, Debate Coach, Mount Carmel Academy & High School, Lafayette, Louisiana • 1967-1968 - Graduate Teaching Assistant in English Texas Tech University, Lubbock • 1968-1970 - Instructor, Linguistics and English • 1970-1971 - Instructor, English-as-a-Second Language, Intensive English Center, University of Kansas, Lawrence • 1071-1974 - NIH-NICHHD Pre-doctoral Fellow Bureau of Child Research, University of Kansas, Lawrence • 1973-1974 - Honors Dissertation Fellow, University Endowment Association, University of Kansas, Lawrence • 1974-1979 - Assistant Professor, Linguistics and English, Texas Tech University, Lubbock • 1977-1981 - Undergraduate Honors Program Faculty Texas Tech University • 1977-1981 - Chair, Graduate Program in ESL, Linguistics and Semiotic Studies, Texas Tech University • 1979-1981 - Associate Professor, Linguistics, Speech-Hearing Sciences and Psychology (Jointly Funded) Texas Tech University • 1981-1984 - Associate Professor, Communication Disorders & Special Education, Western Carolina University • 1986-Spring - Baccalaureate Program in Jamaica Priore School of Kingston, Jamaica & Western Carolina University • 1982-1990 - Director, Program in Communication Disorders BA & MA Degree Programs, Western Carolina University and Director, Communication Disorders Clinic & Children's Special Health Services Unit VIII Asheville Catchment Area • 1986-1990 — Undergraduate Honors Program Faculty, Western Carolina University • 19841990 - Professor, Communication Disorders & Special Education, Western Carolina University & UNC Graduate Studies Center, Asheville, NC • 1990-1995 - Senior Clinical Specialist, Speech Pathology Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital • 1990-1995 - Academic Coordinator for Speech 8c Language Institute of Health Professions • 1990-1995 - Professor & Research Scientist, Human Communication Sciences & Disorders Neurolinguistics Laboratory, Institute of Health Professions, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston • 1995-2006 - Professor Language, Reading & Exceptionalities, Appalachian State University Smith served as the faculty sponsor for the 1994 recipient of the Carol Prutting Prize awarded to Gretchen Johnson by the National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association Executive Board - Paper Title: "Treatment with Stimulant Medication as an Ethical Choice for Children Diagnosed with ADHD." His other awards and honors include Trustees' Award for Excellence in Teaching, MGH Institute of Health Professions, MA General Hospital (1993); Certificate of Recognition & Commendation, National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association Executive Board, NSSLHA Journal Editor: 1985-1993; Certificate of Appreciation, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (1983 & 1992); Certificate of Appreciation, Council for Exceptional Children, Division on Children with Communication Disorders (1992); Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching, Undergraduate Program in Communication Disorders, Western Carolina University (1990); CASE (National Council for Advancement & Support of Education) "Professor of the Year" University Designated Nominee, Western Carolina University (1987); Faculty Student Research Award (with D. Brunette), Speech & Hearing Sciences, Texas Tech University (1981); and Doctoral Student Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement, Department of Linguistics, University of Kansas (1973). Dr. Smith's professional memberships include the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Native American Caucus American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, American Psychological Society, Linguistic Society of America, and North Carolina Speech-Hearing-Language Association. Boards and councils on which Smith served were Licensure Examination Council for Speech-Language Technicians, NC Speech-Language-Hearing Association for NC Licensure Board for Speech-Language-Pathology and Audiology (1997-present); University Caucus Coordinator, North Carolina Speech-Language-Hearing Association (1997-present); Commonwealth of Massachusetts Interagency Coordinating Council, Personnel Preparation Committee (1992-1995); Executive Board, National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association (1985-1993); Editor, Journal of the National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association (1985-1993) - Circulation: 14,000; Publications Board & Council of Editors, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (1985-1992); Executive Board, Council for Exceptional Children, Division on Children with Communication Disorders (1990-1992); Executive Board, North Carolina Speech-Language-Hearing Association (1986-1989); North Carolina Council of Training Program Directors in Communication Disorders (Chair, 1983-1989); North Carolina Department of Human Resources, Task Force on Personnel Preparation for Infant-Toddler and Preschool Programs (1983-1989); North Carolina Area Health Education Centers, Communication Disorders Advisory Council (1983-1989); North Carolina State Department of Public Instruction, Committee on Personnel Preparation & Service Delivery Models in Speech-Language Pathology (1988-1989); North Carolina Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Committee on Preparation of Support Personnel (Chair, 1987-1988); and Editorial Consultant, Journal of Speech & Hearing Disorders Journal of Speech & Hearing Research (1979-1984). Dr. Smith was granted emeritus status by the Appalachian State University Board of Trustees in September of 2006. Sources: Appalachian State University files and personal correspondence. -Kay R. Dickson

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