Michael J. Moore, Ph.D.



Dr. Kay R. Dickson, “Michael J. Moore, Ph.D.,” Appalachian State University Libraries Digital Collections, accessed May 23, 2024, https://omeka.library.appstate.edu/items/show/48073.

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Michael J. Moore, Ph.D.


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Professor Emeritus of History Michael J. Moore was educated at the University of Washington, receiving a B.A. degree in history/economics (1963), and M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in history (1966 and 1971, respectively). Before coming to Appalachian State University in 1971 as an assistant professor, he was an instructor at Shoreline Community College, Seattle, Washington (1964-65); at Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington (1965-70); and at Skagit Valley College, Mt. Vernon, Washington (1970-71). Dr. Moore attained the rank of associate professor at Appalachian State in 1976 and of full professor in 1980. He was also a visiting assistant professor of history at the University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia, in the 1975-76 academic year. Dr. Moore created, in 1973, the journal Albion and continued as its editor and publisher for thirty-three years. It became the premier international journal in British studies by the 1980s, bringing significant academic distinction to Appalachian State, best found in two particular areas. Many candidates for both administrative and faculty jobs in the social sciences and humanities knew of Appalachian, first from the journal, and, second, the university enjoyed a regular string of international scholars as visiting lecturers. Dr. Moore's professional activities also included being president of the Conference of Historical Journals, 1991-93 (one of three founding members); secretary/treasurer, Conference of Historical Journals, 1983-91; executive council member, North American Conference on British Studies, 1974-2005 (ex officio), and member of the editorial board, Studies in History 8c Politics. Dr. Moore provided, too, consultant services for three starting academic journals: Studies in History & Politics, 1980; Welsh Historical Studies, 1977; and Quebec Studies, 2002. Refereed publications by Dr. Moore are: • "Social Service and Social Legislation in Edwardian England: The Beginning of a New Role for Philanthropy," Albion 3 (1971): 33-44. • "The Evolution of the Voluntary-Statutory Relationship in Social Welfare," Social Service 4 (1976): 104-27. • "Social Work and Social Welfare: The Organization of Philanthropic Resources in Britain, 1900-1914," Journal of British Studies 16 (1977): 85-107." • Editor, Quincentennial Essays on St. Thomas More (Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky, 1978), "Introduction." Dr. Moore's non-refereed publications include the following: • "John Morley," for The Dictionary of Nineteenth-Century British Philosophers, Thoemmes Press (2002). • 3 biographical articles in J. O. Baylen & N. Gossman, eds. Dictionary of Modern British Radicalism, Vol. 3 (1988). • 2 biographical articles in J. O. Baylen & N. Gossman, eds. Dictionary of Modern British Radicalism, Vol. 4 (1988). • "Guidelines for Editorial Procedures and Practices," Editing History (Fall 1988): 1-4. • Regular column entitled "Moore Miscellany" for Editing History, 1990-93. • "Albion: Innovation and British Studies," British Studies Intelligencer (Summer 1997): 2-7. The following papers are among those presented by Dr. Moore: • "Scholarship and Publication in British History," Midwest Conference on British Studies," University of Chicago, October 1984. • "What is the Future for British Studies in the United States?" The Carolinas Symposium on British Studies, Duke University, October 1992. • "Book Reviewing and Scholarly Communication in the Historical Profession," American Historical Association, San Francisco, January 1994. A panel jointly sponsored by the American Historical Association and the Conference of Historical Journals. • "Directions for Scholarship and Scholarly Publication," Carolinas Symposium on British Studies Plenary Panel, Conway, South Carolina, October 1996. Dr. Moore was the director of Watauga College (a residential college within Appalachian State), 1974-76. He also served on the following councils and committees: Convocation Council, 1990-2002; Space Utilization Council, 1992-2002; Chancellor's Advisory Committee, 1999-2006; and the Dean's Evaluation Committee 2002-2003. Dr. Moore was on the Faculty Senate from 1997 to 2006, holding the positions of secretary (1998-2001 and 2003-2004); chair, Faculty Handbook Committee (1999-2004), and chair, Faculty Senate (2004-2006). Memberships held by Dr. Moore: North American Conference on British Studies, American Historical Association, Association for Canadian Studies in the United States, Carolinas Symposium on British Studies, European History Society, Social History Society (Great Britain), Historical Association (Great Britain), Southern Conference on British Studies, American Committee for Irish Studies, American Association of University Professors, Phi Beta Delta—Appalachian State University. The following awards have been presented to Dr. Moore: Fellow of the Royal Historical Society (elected), 1989-; NEH Visiting Scholar, Longwood College, Virginia, 1985 (Summer); Government of Canada, Faculty Enrichment Grant, 1976; Bullitt Research Grant, University of Washington, 1970; Faculty Research Grant, Western Washington University, 1969; Distinguished Teaching Award, Western Washington University. Dr. Moore was granted emeritus status by the Appalachian State University Board of Governors on March 30, 2007. Sources: Appalachian State University files and personal correspondence. -Dr. Kay R. Dickson

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