Daniel B. German, Ph.D.



Patti Levine-Brown, “Daniel B. German, Ph.D.,” Appalachian State University Libraries Digital Collections, accessed June 19, 2024, https://omeka.library.appstate.edu/items/show/48008.

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Daniel B. German, Ph.D.


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Professor Emeritus of Government and Justice Studies Daniel B. German (January 6, 1941- ) was born in Yankton, South Dakota and received his B.A. (1962) and M.A. (1964) degrees from the University of South Dakota. While working on his graduate degree, German began serving as an aide to then United States Senator, George McGovern in Washington, D.C. He served as a senatorial aide for four years and then received an appointment as a graduate fellow for the Educational Testing Service in Princeton, New Jersey in 1967. In 1968, he accepted a position as assistant professor of political science at George Peabody College, Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee and remained there until 1972. While working at Peabody, German earned his Ph.D. from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. in 1970. In 1972, German came to Appalachian State University as an assistant professor of political science. That same year, he also served as co-campaign manager for former U. S. Ambassador, Andrew Young of Atlanta, Georgia who was running for the United States House of Representatives. While working as an assistant professor at Appalachian State, German received an off-campus scholarly assignment to Oxford, England in 1974, and earned the rank of full professor in 1976. Additionally, while at ASU, German was selected as an Outstanding University Teacher (1976), served as the honors program instructor from 1986-1988, and received a second off-campus scholarly assignment to Budapest, Hungary in 1994. Over the years, German was a member of several professional associations that included serving as president of the executive board (1996-2006) of the Research Committee on Political Socialization and Education (RCPSE-RC21) of the International Political Science Association (IPSA). While serving as president of this organization, German convened three IPSA RC 21 World Congress sets of panels: Quebec City, Canada (2000), Durban, South Africa (2003), and Fukuoka, Japan (2006). He has also been a member of the International Political Science Association and the American Political Science Association. In additional to political science, German's field of academic work encompasses media and politics, political socialization, public opinion, American government and politics and Eastern European politics. His varied background and political expertise has brought him much attention as a lecturer and presenter at numerous colleges and universities across the United States and in numerous countries around the world including Cornell University in New York, James Madison University in Virginia, the University of New Orleans, the Polish Institute of International Affairs in Warsaw, Eotvos Lorand University in Hungary, the University of Antwerp in Belgium, Berlin Technical University and Karlsruhe University Germany, and Doshisha University in Japan. German has more than forty publications to his credit including political science books, articles and reviews. Some examples of his scholarly work follow: • German, Daniel B. & Hoffman M. (1992). North Carolinians' Concerns about the Environment. Popular Government, 57(4), 15-20. • Farnen, R & German, D. (1992). Political Communications and Educational Change in Eastern Europe: Implications for Political Socialization Research. Politics and the Individual, 2(2), 67-86. • Farnen, R & German, D. (1993). American Views on Eastern European Politics, Communications, and Education: A Search for Unity Amidst Unprecented Diversity. In Stuart Nagel, Vladmir Rukabishnikov and Edward Ojiganoff (Eds.), East Europe Development and Public Policy. New York and London: St. Martins Press and Macmillian Press. • Chaffee, R. 8c German, D. (1998). New Frontiers in Political Socialization Research: Media and Racial Minorities in the USA. Book chapter in Klaus - Peter Hufer and Birgit Wellie Sozialwissenchaftliche and Bildungstheoretische Reflexionen, Berlin, Germany: Galda+Wilch Verlag. • German, D. & Stefanovic D. (2005). Globalism Orientations in Central, East and West Europe: Regional Differences in Attitudes toward the European Union. Book chapter in Farnen, R., Dekker, H., De Landtsheer, C. & Suenker, H. (Eds.) Democratization, Europeanization, and Globalization Trends. Frankfurt am Main, Germany: Peter Lang Verlag, (pp. 313-324). • German, D, & Lally, C. (2007). A Profile of America's Media Use and Political Socialization Effects: Television and the Internet's Relationship to Social Connectedness in the U.S.A. Policy Futures in Education, 5(3), 337-344. • Farnen, R, German, D., Dekker, H., De Landtsheer, C. & Suenker, H. (2008). Political Culture, Socialization, Democracy, and Education. Frankfurt am Main, Germany: Peter Lang Verlag. • German, D. (2008). Political socialization, education, culture and political system. Book chapter in Farnen, et al., Ibid. (pp. 271-275). German retired from ASU in July of 2008 and was granted emerita status by the Appalachian State University Board of Trustees in September of the same year. Outside university life, German enjoys hiking, photography, indoor and outdoor ornamental gardening, landscaping, collecting art, and spending time with his dog, Loki. He presently resides in Blowing Rock, North Carolina with his daughter Erika Danielle. His son, Flint Bernard, recently left for Fort Sill, Oklahoma to complete basic training in the U.S. Army. Sources: Appalachian State University files and personal interview. -Patti Levine-Brown

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