Katúah: Bioregional Journal of the Southern Appalachians, Issue 17, Fall 1987


“Katúah: Bioregional Journal of the Southern Appalachians, Issue 17, Fall 1987,” Appalachian State University Libraries Digital Collections, accessed April 16, 2024, https://omeka.library.appstate.edu/items/show/43021.

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Katúah: Bioregional Journal of the Southern Appalachians, Issue 17, Fall 1987


The seventeenth issue of the Katúah Journal focuses on black bears: their place and future in southern Appalachia. Authors and artists in this issue include: David Wheeler, Sam Gray, Paul Gallimore, Mike Pelton, Robert McMahan, Jay S. Gertz, Scott Bird, Richard Harrison, Michael Hockaday, Martha Tree, Marnie Muller, Rob Messick, Richard Harrison, William O. McLarney, Bern Grey Owl, Will Ashe Bason, Douglas A. Rossman, and Troy Setzler.

Katúah: Bioregional Journal of the Southern Appalachians, later simplified to Katúah Journal, was published from 1983 to 1993. A quarterly publication, it was focused on the bioregion of former Cherokee land in Appalachia. The early issues of the journal explain the meaning of the Cherokee name, Katúah, and why the editors wanted to view the world through a bioregional lens, rather than political boundaries. A volunteer production, the editors took a holistic view in tackling social, environmental, mental, spiritual, and emotional topics of the day, many of which are still relevant.

Table Of Contents

The Life and Death of Bear #87: Glady and The Pisgah Bear Project.......3

Bear Story by Sam Gray.......6

Issues (and a Few Answers) for the Black Bear: An Interview with Dr. Michael Pelton.......8

The Challenger: The Wild Boar in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.......11

cougar: A Poem.......12

Good Medicine: "Finding Allies in the World".......13

"Me and My Walker Hounds" by Robert McMahan.......14

"Smells Like Money to Me": A Report on Champion International by Jay S. Gertz.......16

Bear: A Poem by Scott Bird.......18

Green Politics in Katúah by Richard Harrison.......19

Natural World News: Modern Science Restores Ancient Indian Maize | Protecting Our Mountain Wetlands | DOE Hot Meals Program | No Problem with Tobacco | Showdown at Flat Creek | NC Legislators Want Dump | Peregrine Nest Discovered.......20

Turtle Island Talking: A Look at PeaceNet.......23

Old Galaxies: A Poem by Michael Hockaday.......23

Drumming: Letters to Katúah.......24

Littering: The Same Old Story by Michael Hockaday.......23

Fall Calendar of Events.......28


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