Katúah Journal, Issue 21, Fall 1988


“Katúah Journal, Issue 21, Fall 1988,” Appalachian State University Libraries Digital Collections, accessed June 24, 2022, https://omeka.library.appstate.edu/items/show/43017.

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Katúah Journal, Issue 21, Fall 1988


The twenty-first issue of the Katúah Journal focuses on the history of the American chestnut trees in the Appalachian mountains and a call for their restoration. Authors and artists in this issue include: Scott E. Schlarbaum, Stephen Lewandowski, Lucille Griffin, Taylor Crockett, Kim Sandland, David Wheeler, "Rollo," Martha Tree, Rob Messick, Lucinda Flodin, Pat Montee, John Creech, Barbara Ellet Dail, Bob Henry Baber, and Collen Redman.

Table Of Contents

"Where There Be Mountains, There Be Chestnuts".......1
     A Natural History

Returning the Chestnut.......6
     to the Eastern Forest
     by Scott E. Schlarbaum

"Poem of Preservation and Praise".......7
     by Stephen Lewandowski

Continuing the Quest.......8
     to Restore the Chestnut
     by Lucille Griffin

Forests and Wildlife.......10
     Eighty Years in the Mountains
     by Taylor Crockett

Gift of the Chestnut......12
     Chestnuts in the Regional Diet
     by Kim Sandland

From the Roots........14
     Chestnut Restoration Work

An Herb Note from Lucinda........17

Good Medicine.......18
     "The Changes to Come"

Natural World News........20

Drumming: Letters to Katúah.......24

Review: Where Legends Live.......27

Young People's Page.......29



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Bioregionalism--Appalachian Region, Southern
Sustainable living--Appalachian Region, Southern
Chestnut--Appalachian Region, Southern
Chestnut blight
Cooking (Chestnuts)
Forest health--North Carolina, Western--history
North Carolina, Western
Blue Ridge Mountains
Appalachian Region, Southern
North Carolina--Periodicals


This resource is part of the Katúah Journal Records, 1980-2013 collection. For a description of the entire collection, see Katúah Journal Records, 1980-2013 (AC. 870).


Katúah Journal, printed by The Waynesville Mountaineer Press




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