Katúah Journal, Issue 31, Summer 1991


“Katúah Journal, Issue 31, Summer 1991,” Appalachian State University Libraries Digital Collections, accessed June 24, 2022, https://omeka.library.appstate.edu/items/show/43007.

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Katúah Journal, Issue 31, Summer 1991


The thirty-first issue of the Katúah Journal focuses on "earth energies" and humans' reconnection with the earth through dowsing; earth healing and Earth Energy workshops; and understanding the Earth grid. Authors and artists in this issue include: David Wheeler, Madeline H. Dean, Joyce Holbrook, Clyde Hollifield, Richard Nester, Charlotte Homsher, Page Bryant, Richard Lowenthal, James Proffitt, Lee Barnes, Jim Houser, Emmett Greendigger, Ivo Ballentine, Rob Messick, David McGrew, George Agricola (1556), Douglas A. Rossman, and Mara.

Table Of Contents

Dowsing by David Wheeler.......3

The Responsibilities of Dowsing: An Interview with Tom Hendricks by Madeline H. Dean.......5

Ceremonies of the Moment: An Interview with Joyce Holbrook.......6

"Jack-o-Lanterns," Acid Rain, and the Electrical Life of the Earth by Clyde Hollifield.......8

Poem: "Old Houses" by Richard Nester.......10

Katúah and the Earth Grid by Charlotte Homsher.......11

The Call of the Ancient Ones by Page Bryant.......13

"If the Earth Is to Heal, Our Hearts Must Be Broken" by Richard Lowenthal.......15

Good Medicine: On Agression.......17

Poems by James Proffitt.......18

Green Spirits: Sacred Forests by Lee Barnes.......19

Off the Grid by Jim Houser.......20

Natural World News.......21

"Just Doing Their Job" by Emmett Greendigger.......23

Time to Take the Time to Take the Time by Ivo.......25


Whole Science by Rob Messick.......29

Tuning In by Charlotte Homsher.......29

Review: Light in the Wind.......30

Chestnut Grafting Project by David McGrew.......31



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Bioregionalism--Appalachian Region, Southern
Sustainable living--Appalachian Region, Southern
New Age movement
Environmental education--North Carolina--Asheville
North Carolina, Western
Blue Ridge Mountains
Appalachian Region, Southern
North Carolina--Periodicals


This resource is part of the Katúah Journal Records, 1980-2013 collection. For a description of the entire collection, see Katúah Journal Records, 1980-2013 (AC. 870).


Katúah Journal, printed by The Waynesville Mountaineer Press




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