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This diary contains daily entries by Andrew Jackson Greene on a range of subjects such as weather, church, school, community events, and travel. The diary contains entries from August 26 through November 13, 1921. Greene travels to a multitude of places throughout this diary some of these places include, Willowdale, Boone, Mabel, Zionville, Deep Gap, Cove Creek, and Elizabethton, Tennessee.

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This letter to Ada Kirby from one of her nieces is about going to school, penmanship, and apples. The letter talks about Pa and various other members of the writers family.

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This is a letter addressed to "Uncle" and signed "Ann." A vertical section of the pages is missing, making it difficult to decipher. The letter seems to discuss the author's schooling experience.

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This letter was written to Miss Fannie Kirby by a cousin, Amy, who is in school. She wrote to tell Fannie all about school, the sickness they’ve had and about their new house.

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This letter from Lillie Young to her aunt, Elizabeth Eller, talks about peaches, a new school teacher, and her mother's health.

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This letter from Elizabeth Eller to her sister Ada talks about the outbreak of scarlet fever in the area that Elizabeth lives. Elizabeth has three children, and so she is worried that they might get sick. Children of people she knows have died from the fever. Elizabeth also mentions that her children are going to school.

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This letter from Alice Kirby to her aunt, Ada Kirby, discusses the farming life that Alice leads in Kansas, where her father, Samuel Kirby, moved the family to. Alice says she is late in responding to the letter from her aunt because they had moved to a new farm where they are tending to 135 acres of corn. Alice says she wishes that their new house was closer to neighbors as they all feel lonely.

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This letter from Laura Kirby to her aunt Ada talks about Samuel J. Kirby's moving the family to a new farm. Laura says that she and her sister Alice have left school and discusses the winter weather.

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This letter from Alice Kirby to her aunt Ada Kirby comes from the Kansas farm which Alice’s father, Samuel J. Kirby, rents. Alice complains about the weather and family problems, saying “I don’t think there is another family in the world that has to put up with what we do.” Alice also references family drama bringing them disgrace, and is critical of the integrated schools which her younger siblings attend.

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This letter from Alice Kirby to her aunt Ada Kirby talks about life on the Kansas farm where Alice and her family live. Alice talks about going to school, fairs, and other sources of entertainment, but her letter is focused on the price of various goods. She goes in detail about how much money was made from everything they raised on their farm, and what the going price is for various crops.

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This is a letter written by Helen (last name unknown) to a friend. Helen talks about going to school, the subjects she is learning, Christmas, and the marriages and romance she sees going on around her. Helen hopes someone will marry her.

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