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Entries from these dates cover Greene’s daily activities. He describes his trips to church, to the market, and to visit his friends. Friends named include H.L. Laurence, Professor W.Y. Perry, and J.C. Davis. Greene also frequently wrote about the…

This diary was written each day from December 18, 1923 through March 30, 1924. For each day, there is a brief description of what Andrew Jackson Greene experienced that day. He included information about himself, his friends, and community events…

This is a letter from Mary Kirby, wife of Emory Kirby, to Frances Kirby, her mother-in-law. She talks about how her mother is sick and dying, and how several people in the family have measles. She tells Frances that she will visit once her mother has…

This is a letter from Emory Kirby to his sister Nan. Emory talks about how his recent bout of measles has prevented him from rejoining the cavalry he is a part of, and he details several positions and occurrences in his area during the Civil War.