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Taylor and Moore Ledger.pdf
The ledger and some loose documents include various advertisements, handwritten notes, cancelled checks, letters, legal documents, and account records (possibly from a day book), dated 1853-1917, and undated. The 616-page ledger documents the…

Letters of correspondence between Leo and the Lions Club where he describes his military training. He talks about his daily schedule, his comrades, his longing for home, and his new perspective on life.

Various memorabilia from Leo Finkelstein's life, including handwritten letters, flyers, Lions Club and Beth ha-Taphila information, and newspaper clippings.

Letter correspondence between Leo and his son-in-law, Marvin. Marvin asks for money because he cannot support his wife and child with his store job.

Miscellaneous memorabilia including Leo's involvement in the Valley of Asheville Brethren, his epistolary book Letters from Leo, and a Q & A about pawnbroking.

Leo Finkelstein's handwritten diary from when he served in World War II. He gives lively, humorous, and detailed descriptions of his feelings and the places and people he met. His diary includes a lot of poetry as well as prose.

Leo Finkelstein displays his incredible talent as a storyteller and historian through his letters and diaries that he wrote throughout his life. This notebook contains stories about WWII, pawnbroking, and Asheville in the twentieth century.

James A. Love describes his service in northern Vietnam (Nang) as a part of the Marine Corps.

This letter talks about the weather.

This letter from one of Elizabeth Eller’s cousins asks Elizabeth to come down and visit them in Rural Retreat. The letter asks Elizabeth not to show it to anyone.