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Published in 1983, Recollections of the Catawba Valley is a selection of family stories, local history, and mountain folklore chosen by Alexander Mull and Gordon Boger who were longtime citizens of the valley in North Carolina. The Mull family was…

No region has undergone more dramatic changes in the last century than Western North Carolina. Published in 1973, Western North Carolina Since the Civil War takes a look at mountain people in Western North Carolina and their uniquely structured…

Published in 1977, Western North Carolina is a narrative history of the Southern Appalachian Mountains up to 1880. Ora Blackmun depicts the stories of native Cherokee and Sequoyah people and pioneers such as William Bartram, Daniel Boone, Bishops…

Colonialism in Modern America is a series of essays exploring the economic and social problems of the region within the context of colonialism. It is a relatively simple task to document the social ills and the environmental ravage that beset the…

This biography explores the life of James G. K. McClure, Jr., and his vision for a better life in the mountains of North Carolina. At his prompting, and under his leadership, The Farmers Federation was founded in Fairview, North Carolina, in…

Through text and photographs, Donald Saunders explores the history of the Rumple Presbyterian Church in Blowing Rock, NC, as well as its members from the Blowing Rock community.Download EPubUNC Press Print on Demand

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Harley E. Jolley explores the Blue Ridge Parkway through the history of its landscape architecture. As Roger Martin states in the introduction, "The design and construction of the Blue Ridge Parkway is an illustration of the kind of quality possible…

This work is an interesting look at the history of Blowing Rock, North Carolina, a popular historic and tourist attraction, from its earliest settlers in the 1700s to the 1960s. The book includes images and a section titled "A Photographic Tapestry"…

Blue Ridge Parkway_The First 50 Years by Harley E Jolley.pdf
This book is an overview of the Blue Ridge Parkway's first fifty years, with photographs by William Bake. Noted Blue Ridge Parkway Historian Harley E. Jolley wrote the descriptions and text. Download EPub

Life in the Stage Coach Days at Historic Sherills Inn_Paintings by Elizabeth Cramer McClure.pdf
This is a section from a larger work titled "Western North Carolina to 1880: Its Mountains and Its People." This part focuses on paintings by Elizabeth Cramer McClure that hang on the walls of a room in the original Historic Sherrill's Inn in…

Leo Finkelstein's handwritten account of his memories as a part of the Lions Club.

Historical reports from the time when Leo served as historian of the Lions Club.

Leo Finkelstein's family has it roots in Lithuania, but his father had to flee after hitting a Russian soldier on the head. After living in various countries, he settled in Asheville according to the advice of a doctor and opened up a pawnshop on…
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