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This letter was written at Rose Cottage in Virginia to Daniel by an old friend, A. Ba[illegible], who is missing his company. The writer discusses visiting her Aunt in Franklin, as well as mentioning friends such as Grayson, Judy, Sally, and Fannie.

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This letter, from Mary E. Daniel to her grandmother, uncle and aunt, discusses the consequences of the Civil War on her daily life. The letter asks for news from various members of her family.

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This letter talks about work done on Ada’s house, domestic life, and the lives of close family friends. There is mention of raising horses, marriages, and rules for growing tomatoes.

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This is a letter to Elizabeth "Bettie" Eller from her cousin M. (Martha) Hamilton. This letter informs Bettie about the family’s well-being and where they are living. Hamilton inquires how Bettie’s family is doing and what many of his relatives are doing.

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This letter from Lillian to her Aunt, Elizabeth Eller, talks about life in Baltimore, and how Lillian is trying to adapt to the big city life. She talks about the price of clothing, a fire she saw, and her concern with her aging.

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This letter from Alice Kirby to her aunt Ada Kirby comes from the Kansas farm which Alice’s father, Samuel J. Kirby, rents. Alice complains about the weather and family problems, saying “I don’t think there is another family in the world that has to put up with what we do.” Alice also references family drama bringing them disgrace, and is critical of the integrated schools which her younger siblings attend.

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This is a letter from Aswell Eller to Luke Eller, his father. Aswell mentions Hansford’s swapping of his mare for another horse and details several letters he has received recently.

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This is a letter from Hansford Eller to Luke Eller. In this letter, Hansford tells his parents what he got his brother Aswell for Christmas and when he plans to come home. He ends the letter with a song he has copied down.

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