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Interview with Ruth South  [January 10, 1976]

Ruth South talks about working with the NYA (National Youth Administration) under Roosevelt's New Deal policy and the classes she took on weaving. She has been weaving with homespun wool her whole life and sees homemade crafts as a very important part of life. It is certainly an integral part of the mountain community life during the early twentieth century. South also took classes in wood-working at Pendelum and Berea.

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Robert Guy was born on December 25, 1918 in Marion, North Carolina. He attended school in Newland and continued is education at the Univeristy of Alabama and the University of North Carolina. Mr. Guy was also in the army and was realeased in 1946.

Mr. Guy talks a little about the Tweetsie Railroad during his childhood. While describing his childhood he also talks about courting, schooling, and superstitions. Mr. Guy also mentions the Great Depression. Mr. Guy describes the history of Newland, North Carolina and compares the current conditions of the community to that of his childhood. Mr. Guy talks about local crafts and traditions including homemade remedies and house gardens. Mr. Guy concludes the interview speaking of past natural disasters such as snowstorms, fires, and the flood of 1940.

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Josie Mae McGuire Critcher was born on May 10, 1876 to Paul McGuire and Laura Martinee Lewis from Ashe County. She married Gaither Critcher on April 27, 1898 and they had seven children that included Thelma, Lena, Willie, Jessie, Paul, Robert, and Hubert.

Gaither was a farmer and carpenter, and also pruned trees and shrubbery. The entire family helped on the farm and mother Josie did the cooking, canned food for the winter, spun cloth to make clothes, made quilts, embroidered pillow cases, made scarves, and crocheted lace and fringe. She also taught weaving at Watauga Handicrafts in Boone. During the interview she talked about her parents, siblings, making soap, quilting, education, using lamps before electricity, and raising children.

She died in June 17, 1977 at the age of 101.

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