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Finkelstein explains his family's past, starting in 1799 in Lithuania and ending with his life in Asheville.

Finkelstein explains his family's past beginning in Lithuania and ending in Asheville.

Finkelstein explains his family's past, beginning in 1799 in Lithuania and ending with his life in Asheville.

Leo Finkelstein's handwritten account of his memories as a part of the Lions Club.

Historical reports from the time when Leo served as historian of the Lions Club.

Letters of correspondence between Leo and the Lions Club where he describes his military training. He talks about his daily schedule, his comrades, his longing for home, and his new perspective on life.

Leo's diary that he kept during the war. It includes handwritten entries, pictures of civilians he met, autographs, and a list of the places he went.

A hand-written copy of an interview of Leo Finkelstein explaining the various places he went and people he met during his service in World War II.

Leo Finkelstein's handwritten diary from when he served in World War II. He gives lively, humorous, and detailed descriptions of his feelings and the places and people he met. His diary includes a lot of poetry as well as prose.