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This is a letter from Alice Kirby to her aunt Ada. In the letter, Alice talks about how her father and brothers have been very busy making hay, and are so driven by their work that they camp out in the fields where they are baling. Alice says that…

This letter from Laura Kirby to her aunt Ada talks about Samuel J. Kirby's moving the family to a new farm. Laura says that she and her sister Alice have left school and discusses the winter weather.

This letter from Alice Kirby to her aunt Ada discusses life on the Kansas farm that Alice’s father, Samuel Kirby, is renting. Alice says that they had a rough Christmas and that the weather is very bad. She talks about how Samuel Kirby intends to…

This letter from Alice Kirby to her aunt Ada Kirby comes from the Kansas farm which Alice’s father, Samuel J. Kirby, rents. Alice complains about the weather and family problems, saying “I don’t think there is another family in the world that has to…

This is a letter from one of Samuel J. Kirby’s children to their aunt. The letter is a fragment, and talks about selling some of the farm animals they have.