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That D----d Brownlow: Being a Saucy and Malicious Description of Fighting Parson William Gannaway Brownlow

This is a narrative on the famous 19th century Tennessee Methodist minister and newspaper editor, William Gannaway Brownlow, who launched the weekly Tennessee Whig newspaper with Mason R. Lyon in 1839 to support the Whig Party. An important historical figure in support of the Whig Party and the Union side of the Civil War in East Tennessee, Brownlow also served as Governor of and in the U.S. Senate for the state of Tennessee. This narrative tells the story of his character and influence during the turbulent 1800s.

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This diary includes daily entries day from July 1 through August 25, 1921. Greene wrote about his work as a preacher and as a teacher as well as his travels and visits with neighbors. He also included information about the community from daily life to events and programs. Greene was completely immersed in the community. he went before the school board, spoke at different churches, visited many locals on business and attended lectures for pleasure.

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This diary includes daily entries from November 14, 1921 through April 13, 1922. Each day Greene recorded his daily activities including his duties as a teacher, his work as a preacher, and his visits with friends. He also included information about the weather, different churches in the community, and community events.

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Andrew Jackson Greene kept this diary from July 13th through November 6th during the year of 1924. He recorded all of his daily duties from study, preaching, and grading student work. He also wrote weather information and community events. In addition, he made note of all of the family and friends that he visited each day. People named throughout the diary include but are not limited to G.W. Trivett, Dr. Peter Hayes, J.B. Elliot, and Thelma Perry.

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