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This is a letter from B.F. Dickson to his friend Mollie (Daniel). In this letter, Dickson mentions how there has been a drought in his part of Kansas, leaving them without rain for over a year. Dickson also writes about how he wants to marry, but he…

This is a letter from Mollie Daniel to Mollie Eller. Mollie asks about coming marriages and family members, and she mentions events going on around where she lives in Tennessee.

This is a letter from Mollie Daniel to her cousin Mollie Eller. Mollie writes that she is anxious to hear from Mollie, whom she says never answered an earlier letter. Mollie is also anxious to see and hear from family members.

This is a letter from Mary Eller to her cousin Mollie Daniel. In this letter, Mary explains that Mollie’s family is not dead, and that her parents and brother are very much alive, and then she says where they all are living and working. She also…