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This letter, from Alice Kirby to M. F. Kirby, is written from Kingsville, Kansas. She addresses M.F. Kirby as "Mr." and "Brother." Alice talks about family life, farming and the Fourth of July in Kansas. The towns mentioned include Maple Hill, St.…

This letter from Laura Kirby to her aunt, Ada, talks about land Ada wants to buy in Kansas. Laura also tells Ada that a horse has been killed, and that they do not know if the company responsible for the horse's death will pay for a new horse or not.…

This letter from Alice Kirby to her Aunt, Ada, talks about dresses for some family members and work around the farm.

This is part of a letter Laura Kirby wrote to an unknown person. In this portion of the letter, Laura discusses the crops and farm she lives on. Laura is likely writing this letter from the Kansas farm on which her father, Samuel J. Kirby, moved to.

This letter from Alice to her aunt, Ada, talks about the poor corn harvest that they are expecting. Alice says the weather has been very dry, and she is concerned about the winter freezes. She also talks about Guy, who was helping move some hay with…

This letter from Laura Kirby to her aunt, Ada, discusses how Laura is going to be living with a family a few miles away for several months to make a little money. Laura mentions that Ed has been working on a railroad near Topeka, so he has not seen…

This letter from Laura Kirby to her aunt Ada talks about Samuel J. Kirby's moving the family to a new farm. Laura says that she and her sister Alice have left school and discusses the winter weather.

This is a letter from Laura Kirby to her aunt Ada Kirby. The letter discusses how Laura no longer plans on attending school and how the weather has been some of the coldest they have ever had in Kansas. Laura talks about a fair they attended and says…

This is a letter from Laura Kirby to her uncle Millard Fillmore Kirby, and his wife. Laura talks about the farm they live on, and how her brother and father are making hay in the fields. Laura mentions that she was very saddened by the news that her…

These are two letters written to Ada Kirby from her nieces, Laura and Alice Kirby, who live in Kansas. Alice writes about the weather and friends she wants to visit with, while Laura talks about life at home and how she enjoys having company.

These letters from Laura Kirby and Alice Kirby to their Aunt Ada Kirby discuss life on the farm in Kansas that their father, Samuel J. Kirby rents. Laura talks about going to school, while Alice discusses various domestic events and the price of…