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This is a diary with daily entries by Andrew Jackson Greene from July 20 to August 31, 1919. Greene wrote about his daily activities, the weather, the church, and his work at Appalachian Training School during July and August. Places mentioned in…

In this diary, Greene wrote about the weather, the school (Appalachian Training School) and the community members. He recorded how much snow they received, how the students were doing with their work, and who he visited each day. Much of the diary is…

Andrew Jackson Greene kept this diary from August 6th through November 10th, during the year of 1928. Each day, Greene recorded entries about the weather, community events, friends and family visits. He also included entries devoted to Appalachian…

This diary was kept by Andrew Jackson Greene from January 5 through March 3, 1932. The weather is his typical first topic to write about it. He wrote about the winter snow and harsh winds frequently. He also included information about the…

This letter from Elizabeth Eller to her sister Ada discusses domestic happenings in Elizabeth’s life. Elizabeth talks about her children going to school, the cold weather, her nephew Emery, and a funeral.
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