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Various memorabilia from Leo Finkelstein's life, including handwritten letters, flyers, Lions Club and Beth ha-Taphila information, and newspaper clippings.

A bulletin from the Asheville reform synagogue, Beth ha-Tephila, which gives information on all the happenings of the Jewish community.

Leo Finkelstein's family has it roots in Lithuania, but his father had to flee after hitting a Russian soldier on the head. After living in various countries, he settled in Asheville according to the advice of a doctor and opened up a pawnshop on…

Anecdotes about Leo's life growing up in Asheville during the first half of the 20th century. The Jewish Community was very united, and dedicated to observing the Sabbath and dietary laws, and keeping the High Holy Days. Leo enjoyed growing up in the…

Information about the history of the conservative Jewish congregation Beth Ha-Tephila. 1991 was the Centennial Anniversary of the huge congregation that started with a handful of people in a small mountain town.

Information on Leo's involvement in the community, especially as a member and exalted ruler of the Elk's Lodge. He was also part of the Jewish organization B'nai B'rith and a dedicated member of the Beth Ha-Tephila congregation.

A scrapbook of letter correspondence between Leo and his friends in Asheville and photos from the war. An article by David Schulman tells about Leo's status as an unofficial historian of Asheville and the incredible impact he had on the community.