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Published in 1986, Bettie Sellers's book of poems speaks for ordinary women whose lives have been confronted with unfortunate circumstances. Writing in a narrative and lyrical style, Sellers brings life to new stories and songs based on the…

A collection of true stories gathered from the Southern Appalachian people, this book echoes the folkways and values of another era. Published in 1974, the stories collected in "... A Right Good People" were originally published in the Charlotte…

This anthology of Appalachian literature is designed for high school students, containing fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama, ballads, and examples of mountain speech and song.Download EPubUNC Press Print on Demand

Published in 1975, this is an almanac of stories gathered from the Solway, Tennessee community as a microcosm of the Appalachian region during a period of transition. Written to showcase the stories and folklore passed on in the mountains, the tales…

Charles Watkins talks about his service as a typist in Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam. He spent a year overseas, and finished his 3-year service contract conducting mental health tests in the US.