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A detailed depiction of the university's campus with a key to finding all the academic departments and buildings.

A numerical map of the campus with a key, black and white photos of some of the campus buildings, and visitor information and parking.

A sepia-colored map with a numerical key and information about the area, the mountains, the near-by merchants, and the campus.

A simple campus guide with a numerical key and information for visitors.

Colonel David Hubner describes his service in the military which spanned multiple decades. He began in Germany, was deployed a couple of times to Iraq, and moved around the United States to various training camps. He retired after his sons graduated…

2013_063_Helton, Robert.mp3
Rob Helton gives a detailed account of his experience in the military for 6 years 2003-2009. He was deployed to Baghdad and describes it as an interesting place, a mix between the ancient and the modern. He shares stories about his time abroad, his…